What Factory Renown... UnderWorld

Why is my “factory renown” point only 2000 ??? how to get 2500 ???

Defeat level 500 with a squad that uses only troops from that Faction. :relaxed::vulcan_salute:

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Easiest to do it on s weekend event and either make sure your hoard is high or buy last tier a few times or both

Update 4.5 is also supposed to make clearing the delve with a faction-only team easier.

This is hard…

Extremely hard without potions, which is why a very small percentage of the players have achieved it.

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Yes. Getting maximum renown is supposed to be one of the few challenges for endgame players with nothing else left to do. Unfortunately as-is it tilts heavier towards luck than skill or strategy. It’s been stated that “something” to change how it works will be in the next patch, but we don’t know what it is.


I hope we get better incentive/rewards to clear high level delves in general as well.

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That’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

That’s strange. I thought I remembered hearing in a dev Q&A that they wanted to incentivize progress instead of farming factions. But Salty’s quote is certainly more recent, so I guess they decided things were okay as is.