What does this mean? (SOLVED)

Well, this is IT stuff.
Not an error meant for endusers to see if you want my opinion.

To quote Mozilla :
“A Promise object represents a value that may not be available yet.”

It’s basically some data asked from a client to a server.
Imagine a messenger going from your PC to the server, asking something there and getting it back to your computer. As long as he is gone, he only left you a promise that he would return.

Here, apparently, the promise was rejected (the server refused to give the messenger what he asked) so the messenger should have came back empty handed, but apparently he wasn’t empty handed (since the message says it “resolved”) wich is weird.

I might be a bit off though, I haven’t worked with promise much and never actually studied them…


Ok. It makes sense the way you explain it. Makes no sense the way it was worded. I thought it was a mistranslation. I’m not familiar with networking lingo. Thank you for the response.

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Thanks guildmaster!

@Koolbiird, I remember getting that message too, I stopped trying to figure out what it meant, thank goodness Sirrian gave an explanation for it. Still annoying nonetheless to win and not be rewarded for it.

It’s all good. I play enough that one game won’t matter at all.

True, but looking at such errors as being “the norm” doesn’t fix the problem. These crashes/errors have been happening since my first day of playing the game. Imo it’s due time for them to be addressed.