What does the magic stat even do?


I’m sure I have put in over 50 hours in this game and I still don’t understand what the magic stat does?

Seems like a simple thing. I searched the forum and the word MAGIC only seems to bring up posts about magic keys.


For the Hero, Magic Attribute determines the effectiveness of your weapon abilities.
For the monsters, Magic Attribute improves their unique abilities.


Crude Club (Mana Cost:4 Red , Unlocks at Fire Mastery 0)
Deal [2+Magic] damage to the first enemy.


Abhorath: Devour the World (Cost:15 BluePurple)
Remove all Gems. Heal to full, and gain [1+Magic] Attack.

You can find a full list of weapon and monster abilities here.


A lot of abilities in the game are internally coded to be “Magic + X” values. Take the crude club for example, when you look at it it may say “Does 5 damage”, but it is actually “Magic + 2” and your magic skill is 3. As you level up and your magic goes to 4, it will say “Does 6 damage”.

This is true for both weapons and monster abilities.


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I remember having this same question when I first started playing; they really should make it clearer in-game what magic does, IMO. Something along the lines of how they do it in the weapon and troop lists on the website would be nice. Otherwise you can’t even tell what effect magic has an impact on until you level up a troop enough to raise their magic.


Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is why the developers would word their game so poorly. Why not actually list what the weapons and attacks do? Crude Club = 2 + Magic damage???

Seems pretty simple and fairly deceiving listing it any other way.


OK…thanks for clearing this up even more.

I didn’t realize the damage stat on the weapon description actually went up when your magic stat went up. When I first read the magic description above…and the Crude Club example…I though the description always stayed at 5 damage even though your growing magic stat may take it above that.

It makes more sense and seems less inaccurate now. So the magic stat is basically a stat that improves various things, and when it improves them it is shown with the new improved stats. So the magic stat is largely behind the scenes, but does improve various things.


Correct, and it can make for some pretty big changes. For example if one of your troops has an ability that raises your magic by 4, your club will do more damage.