What does green 'up arrow' icon on top right corner of troop card mean?

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I just can’t figure out what it signifies, or find any mention of it online.

Thanks in advance.

A green plus means you have the resources to trait that troop’s next trait. A blue arrow means you have the number of cards required to ascend the troop to the next rarity.


What Tacet said. You can go into the troops crafting menu to ascend or trait the troop. You will see the icons there as well.

They did a great job going to two different icons to help the colorblind too.

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Although a search of “refund” is enough to find refundable troops, I think there should be some kind of icon on the troop card that shows if it is currently refundable. If a person doesn’t read the patch notes, the only way they know if a card is refundable is if they happen to click on the card during the time it is refundable.

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Cool, thanks!