What does "gaming guild" mean to you?

And what does it mean in Gems of War?

Ideally the answers would not be different.

For me the answer should be camaraderie: having fun and making friends. Depending on the game, raids and loot (with those friends).

But in GoW, it’s something else entirely. The Guild system is not about friends or loyalty, it’s a sociopathic staircase of acquisition.

And what awaits you at the top? Burnout.*

  • Edit: To make sure I’m clear about this: with a good (or even average) guild system, you’d love your fellow guildies, and even if you’d achieved everything in the end game, you’d keep playing the game just because of the friends you’d made.

That would never ever happen here.

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Well someone has been reading recent threads. :sweat_smile:

I actually think all that you mentioned is possible if a group of people got together and started their own guild. It’s just that doesn’t happen too often anymore that I’ve seen. Those people just have to tell themselves no matter what we’re sticking together. In other words, don’t play this game to get the highest rewards, just play the game for fun.

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Whoa whoa whoa… Just calm down… I have a very simple solution… If that is how you truly feel than… Dont. Play. The. Game.

Play something that doesn’t cause “sociopathy, greed, and eventually burnout”.

Might i suggest farmville?

Have a great day!:sunglasses:

Yeah, okay, hey. This is a Match-3 game with RNG rewards against an AI controlled team. Anything you layer on top of that is strictly on you.

If you are burning out, play less, play different modes, quit your guild and go solo. If that no longer provides satisfaction, find a different game to play. Everyone eventually burns out of anything they at some point found pleasurable. Try not to take the whole world down with you as you go.


@htismaqe - I think I found your soulmate!


This might change when guild war go out you will probably communicate more with guildmate and the feeling of camaraderie will be back

I think the game you’re looking for is Gems of Love. That game is…um…over there? Yeah, I think it’s waaaaay over there.



Oooh! Oooh! I get to break out the picture again!



Hahaha! I must have missed that the first time around (or old age strikes again). Too perfect. :smiley:

WOOHOO! :heart_eyes:


The server down message is one of my all time favorite from any game.

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Time for a lightswitch rave!

Man, I’m in a guild to help out other folks and get a bunch of random stuff on Mondays. It’s not about maximizing my return on investment or anything like that… this is a game and we should enjoy it, not obsess about whether everyone’s pulling their weight.

So what if some of the other guys don’t hit the same contributions. Again, this is a game. If everyone gets a bunch of stuff and guild bonuses then great.

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i guess the problem lies in here

while everyone (to who the problem addresses) still needs to face it on their own and choose either roi or fun and accept the choice - it is also true that the system could somehow give an alternative rewards of some kind that would increase the fun for those who do not choose roi as their main priority,
that could lower the stress a bit?

i hope this might help: