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What does cumulative mean in regards to turns

Yesterday I had an battle that I am still trying to wrap my brain about

There is a cumulative 10% chance of recovery each turn.

If the 'troop has only been hit once with whatever is now on the recovery clock - it should take 10 or less turns to recover correct?

I had my poor Jarl was Silenced (after killing the Silent One on the same turn by another troop) for 15 turns. IT doesn’t make sense. Ended up loosing because he never became unsilenced.

It isn’t the first time I have seen either Web or Silence do this either.

My guess is that the silence was refreshed on him and you did not notice.

There is some random stuff going on in the game that I am unsure of…

Basically, when a troop recovers, it seems to recover from every single status effect it has applied. I’ve never seen a partial recovery.

By that logic, it would make sense that applying a different status effect on top of what’s already there resets also the first one. Meaning: If your Jarl was silenced and, let’s say, had a 50% chance of recovering from it next turn, but then got Web on him, I think Silence was back down to 10% again.

So the first important question is: Were there other status effects involved?


Couldn’t The Silent one was Dead - Queen Mab, Abynissia, Elemaugrin and Infernal King (which was cast two rounds after The Silent one was toast) don’t have that capacity. I reviewed every troop after loosing in the log and could not find anything to tell me why it lasted 15 rounds instead of the max 10.

That would explain it. Mab and her Frozen trait. And he was on Fire.

That I do know he was hit at round 6 so that would explain 15… bleh.

I don’t think in the 18 months I have been playing I have ever seen a troop on the AI side stay ‘disabled’ like that at all.

But this is nice to know…

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I think the other question is what does “turn” mean in this game. Cause I don’t think it means what they think it means.

Yeah, it’ll have something to do with the rest, then.

I have no clue if it is really this way and had been wondering if a new status effect means a complete refresh or something like an average (like if there was Silence with 80% recovery change and Poison got newly slapped on would it be 40% for both?). But since recoveries are always of all status effects… it would make sense that the rule is “Applying any status effect resets the timer on all status effects on the troop” and not just reapplying the same thing.

Though really, some dev clarification would be nice.
And also some explanation of this ingame because there really is no way to see these things.
The recovery thing is very easily noticeable when Dragonette fires and you have a crapton of thing on you and they all disappear together, but yeah…

I’ve had troops entangled or silenced for more than 10 turns… the rules for the ai are different than for players, though they will deny it. “It’s all in your head”


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TSO silences on skull damage, could you have missed a skull match in a cascade?

He was dead

‘Turn’ means when control of the board passes to the other player. That’s when you get the ‘new turn’ flash up at the top of the screen.

Status effects (and traits) only tick at the start of a ‘new turn’ like this - ie poison damage, deathmark procs or chance for any effect to wear off.

Gaining an extra ‘turn’ from a spell (eg Goblin) or from a 4+ match doesn’t count as a new ‘turn’, so effects don’t tick again.

Yes the language is somewhat confusing…