What do you think are the most valuable weapons?

When you ask me what the most valuable weapons are, I think about how much raw damage it can do, how devastating or potent the effects are and how frequently can it be used.

I figured I’d put together a video showing what my top 10 would be, but I’d love to see if you guys think I missed any from the list.

My top 10 are (in reversre order)

  • Mang
  • “MIx based on type” weapons
  • Skeleton Key
  • Sky Hero / Flammifer
  • Rope Dart
  • Essence of Evil
  • Doomed Weapons (damage ones)
  • Earths Fury / Tricksters Shot / Yasmine’s Pride
  • Jar of Eyes
  • Mountain Crusher

…what do ya think?

  1. Mountain crusher/jar of eyes (everyday exploders)
  2. Skeleton key (golden nuke)
  3. Mang (everyone’s first love)
  4. Rope dart/Trickster’s shot (everyone’s first hate)
  5. Life and death/secrets of the crypt (zhuul GOTH’s favourite weapons)
  6. Earth’s fury (Irongut’s pot of delve gumbo)
  7. Fire ruby staff (nuke nr2)
  8. Dawnbringer (shiny!!!)
  9. Flammifer (when you want to make a discreet fire in the woods…)
  10. Null sphere (everyone’s dread)
  1. Mountain Crusher
  2. Mang
  3. Life and Death
  4. Jar of Eyes
  5. Rope Dart
  6. Doomed (Doomskull) Weapons
  7. Essence of Evil
  8. Dawnbringer
  9. Orb of Winter
  10. Shield of Urskaya

Honorable mentions:
Earth’s Fury, Trickster’s Shot: Fantastic weapons that I never use
Yasmine’s Pride: Fantastic weapon that I’m not using currently
Flammifer, Guardian Crown: Great weapons that I never use on offense…
Sky Hero, Skeleton Key: Good Weapons but I have only used in one team so far…
Anu’s Sceptre, Bronzelock Pistol, Eternal Torch: Useful, but I don’t use them much anymore…
Drill Shooter, Divine Protector, Elemental Bow, others: They’re still good weapons, if I ever want to use a themed team.


Thanx for the Vid and the Thread!

What about Ice Aegis?
I have it, never use it, but HATE to play against…

Same list as everyone else. Except Rope Dart at #1. It’s the Infernus of weapons, it does a lil’ bit of everything good and is always useful.

Life and Death
Rope Dart
Jar of Eyes
Guardian Crown
Skeleton Key

But mostly Life and Death.

Thanks guys. There are so many Legendary and Mythic weapon options, it’s good to know what will eventually be useful.

I’ve gotten very comfortable with my maxed out +9 Blade of Guilt. 19 attack + enemy’s mana cost as damage + 10 if the enemy uses Yellow + 10 if the enemy is Divine, and add the following bonuses: Mighty (hero gains +2 attack), Leeching (steal 2 mana from the first enemy), Plagued (disease the first enemy), and Striking (deal an additional 5 damage to the first enemy). If I kill my initial target enemy, the added effects roll over into an attack towards the first enemy. It might not be ideal for everyone, but as a Dragonguard, I get +5 magic bonus with Brown weapons, and the Blade of Guilt is definitely my favorite brown one.

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The most valuable weapon of all was Divine Protector. It taught players the devs might dramatically increase a weapon’s power after it’s not available. Thus every player learned they HAVE to spend resources on EVERY weapon.

I don’t think any single weapon has sunk more gems or dollars in the game’s history.


For offense: Yasmine’s Pride (in delves, invasions and ToD), Mang and Trickster’s Shot (raid bosses), DB (Arena). In GWs I also use Life and Death, Prismatic Orb, Pan’s Lute.

For defense: Flammifer, Skeleton Key, Rope Dart, Life and Death, Jar of Eyes, Doomed Statue, Orb of Winter, Essence of Evil, Secrets of the Crypt.

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crude club best weapon ingame boiiisss…

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