What do you do with spare resources?

Every player in his later middle or ending career has piles of resources: gold, souls, glory… Do you simply store them and do not spend? Or do you like to invest them in something?

  1. Gold. After developing all kingdoms we still can contribute spare gold to our guilds or - a recent update - develop our factions. Open gold chests? Yes, but what for? Gold chests won’t give anything worthy.

  2. Glory. Constantly needed for buying new troops and collecting Arcane traitstones, but eventually all troops are developed, and for new troops not very much glory is necessary. Anyway, there is always an option to open glory chests with some chance to discover a Mythic troop, or a brand new Legendary, or some missing ingots.

  3. Gems. They are needed in all events. But if you happen to have some spare ones, you may spend them on gem chests or event chests (with more chances to gain good things like top troops and ingots). But really it’s better to invest gems in various events.

  4. Souls. When you develop all your troops, forge Dawnbringer and Xathenos, you need not much of souls really. But what to do with spare souls? You cannot exchange them in the shop, you don’t have “soul chests” to open. You may collect souls enough for another DB, but what use do they have?

  5. Treasure maps. Not easy to find in the beginning of the game, but near end their pile grows quickly even if you use them. There is no other way to spend them than simply going to treasure hunt (but I hope this situation will change sometimes).

So the question is: what do you do with spare souls? And if I missed some uses of other resources, please also tell.

Did you forget Diamonds, Ingots, traitstones, pet food, extra troop cards, any of the key types, and orbs???
These are resources as well.

They just have obvious applications.

Not if all troops, pets, etc are fully ascended, traited and so on.
And not if you have all troops, pets, and weapons on the game.

Maybe I was not clear enough: I was talking about basic resources. All other resources you mentioned have their specific uses, and after their fulfilling those spare stones or foods just lie useless. Souls is, on the other hand, a basic resource.

The best use of souls if you’ve really maxed everything would be converting traitstones to other traitstones and ingots to other ingots in Soulforge. After that, it’s fun to watch the number go up.


You could also use souls to make Soul Food! Or shoes.

Item #2

At end game Glory can be used to buy Event Keys via the Shop.

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Yeah, Glory can be used on the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome mini-game we all love

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