What do you do on a "break weekend"?

A “break weekend” is a weekend without special events (Class, Faction, Bounty). What do you play during it? Farming something? Trying new troops and teams? Developing hero classes?

  • PvP
  • Arena
  • Explore
  • Treasure Hunt
  • PvP + Arena (farming Trophies)
  • PvP + Explore (farming money/glory/souls/traitstones)
  • None of the above

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Given we have options for multiple choices do we necessarly need combinations, like PVP + Explore for example?

Test GW teams

‘None of the above’
Besides daily tasks, I’ll play different games - still have to finish RDR2. :roll_eyes:

Persona 5/Final Fantasy.

on a break weekend, I take a break!

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Other chocolate covered wafer bars are also available.


Just don’t forget to collect your mails every day if you take a break :stuck_out_tongue:


None of the above - I just play less, since I’m not much one to be grinding. I also worriedly look at my guild roster for those who haven’t made seals yet, lurk on the (too quiet) forums, or work on some beginner guide stuff on our Discord.

I run a double Marathon.


Great, thanks all for your votes. I hope people get the idea what to do on such weekends.