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What do I play now?

I used to love Game of War, played in multiple kingdoms and had a couple grand invested. I decided to quit almost 2 years ago and have the itch to play again. I went back to an old account and saw that the game has completely moved on and isnt a thing like i remembered. So where did everyone go? Are there any games similar that dont require spending so much?

Real life? Is it too expensive for you?

What lvl were you when you quit?

This feels kind of weird. True, most items in the cash shop are horribly overpriced, like a single legendary costing as much as an AAA game. However, you can get almost everything “for free” by playing frequently and joining a reasonably active guild.


I haven’t found a game that has the exact same components as GoW. If you like RPG mobile type games you might like AFK Arena. (It doesn’t have the match-3 component though.) I also enjoy playing Lost Island which is another mobile game that does have a match-3 mechanic.