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What do I need to buy to reach Vip level 6?

I’m currently Vip level 3 and I want to get to level 6 for the daily deals & other bonuses

Have you bought Deathknight armour already? If not, then maybe best to get it, never need to switch armours after that. :smile:

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Level 3 is $30, level 6 is $210 total.

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Vip 4 300
Vip 5 400
Vip 6 500

You need 1200 VIP points.

You usually get 25 Vip points for every $5 USD you spend = ~$240

You can occasionally find deals where they discount the price and forget to adjust the VIP points.

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That’s a lot more expensive than I initially thought it would be, so thanks for the info guys.

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This isn’t quite counted right. It helps to look at the VIP progress bars slightly differently.

VIP 3->4 200pts
VIP 4->5 300pts
VIP 5->6 400pts

So 900 VIP points are needed. Indeed the standard rate is 25 VIP points for every 5 USD spent, so 180 USD is needed to hit VIP 6. It’s easier to stomach this if you make occasional purchases that are worthwhile, namely the 5x Vault Key offer that comes around every 5-6 weeks with Gnome Weekend.


I found this helpful.


beyond VIP for scouting and death knight armor; everything else is really over rated; enjoy the game without over investing. Its RNG. The lure is to impulse purchase over and over.


There is a trick that may or may not return.

I got from VIP 4 to 5 by buying the Steam Pet during a Steam sale. I paid a tenth of its usual price, but was still credited the VIP points for its usual price.

This may not be repeated. But keep an eye on that kind of sale offer, anyway.

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