What do I do with spare troops

I have about 30 spare troops how do I use them?

Do you mean more troops than you can put on a team, or 30+ copies of the same troop?

If its just extra troops, you’ll make more teams with them eventually.

If you have multiple copies of the same, you can use them to ascend the troop to make it stronger.


Or you can disenchant to get extra souls. However you get very little souls this way, so I very very strongly recommend against it until you have the troop fully ascended (Mythic) and 4 copies of it.

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There’s also some speculation that extra, fully ascended troops might be used as materials in the new crafting system that’s coming up. This is unconfirmed, but might be worth saving extras just in case.

its actually confirmed the other way around :wink:


Ah, I missed that comment. Good to know. Sorry for the misinformation.

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