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What defeats the 1k lb gorilla?

The 2k lb gorilla, with body armor and a shotgun! This seems to be the balance strategy lately. The new troops, emperor, manticore and others seem to have addressed the power creep with exponential power creep. I’m very concerned with the QA process. Stun paired with true damage and mana drain, what could be next?

Stun and Impervious are on their own new level of power, every other trait appears to pale in comparison. Just take Orion, he isn’t even in the same conversation as Manticore. Manticore disables every other troop, outside of those with impervious. The Impervious trait and stun effects just seems to bandaid the extreme power of a few troops by making all other troops ineffective.

I new troops every week, two is fun, but can we maybe have a new troop and a rebalanced old troop?


I play the game “themed” which means I tend to use troops that fit together well, usually be kingdom. I don’t min/max at all and I’ve never had a big problem with Khorvash, Manticore, or any of the Impervious troops. Yes, they’re tough. Yes, they SHOULD BE. Of course, I never really struggled with Maw or Mab either because I purposefully built teams to counter them.

I honestly think if some people would spend more time thinking about their team compositions instead of complaining, they might find things aren’t as unbalanced as they appear.