What causes a guild to lose points?

About once a month I do a little spreadsheet for my guild that lists the various guilds from a few ranks above us to a few ranks below us.

I record the weekly trophy score for all the guilds, compare it to our own, and calculate who we’re gaining on (and how fast) and who’s gaining on us.

I was performing this task today and ran into something very odd.

A few weeks ago one of the guilds near us ended the week with a negative number of trophies… and not just a small negative number, the guild appears to have lost about 50000 trophies from one week to the next!

My question: what causes this to happen?
I want to make sure that whatever it is, my guild doesn’t do it! :grimacing:

LP :pig:


They may have had trophies taken away because someone was banned from their guild for botting.


@Ashasekayi is most likely correct. When a player is banned for botting, any trophies they may have earned are deducted from the guild’s total.


Part of the trophies most of the time.

Ah. Glad to have confirmation from the voice of experience.

You are giving me too much credit. I don’t have the experience of your GL. I am just an Excel maniac.

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