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What can I do with Mythic doubles?

I decided to open about 6000 chests last night (mixture of gold, glory, gem, and VIP’s) and I wound up getting two Wulfgaroks and a Doomclaw for Mythics. I had neither before but my question is what can I do with the extra Wulfgarok? Thanks for any help.

Wulfgarok, Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Wulfgarok is one option. Some mythics do benefit from running multiple copies, and Wulfgarok is one of them.


Thank you for the quick reply. I will try that. I gotta admit I was a tad disappointed that I got a double but my brother said ‘you got THREE mythics in one night, you idiot. I haven’t gotten a mythic in months from a chest!’. Put my ungrateful ass in perspective.

Any good teams for Doomclaw while I’m here and asking? Thanks!


There’s no amazing teams with Doomclaw yet, (just thrown together teams that can use it), but Urskas are going to get some good support soon.

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Yeah, Doomclaw is a crapshoot for sure. He might be OK on defense with AI luck, but it’s pretty hard to plan around him because both his trait and spell are random.

I have 5 Wulfies. I opened a kennel. :wink:

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