What can I do with 358 Gold Rings?

With many Chaos Shards I managed to collect 358 Gold Rings, 100 Coin Purses, 118 Priest’s Chalices. It’s not profitable to spend them at any Hoard, evidently. Nor I need more souls through Disenchant (have over 1.5m already, and DB too, yes). I don’t see any use for them now. Will there be some more ways to spend useless items such as troops (treasure troops especially)?

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There has been nothing announced regarding treasure troops. I’ve asked in the past if there might be an XP boost for ascending treasures, and the dev response was a firm “no plans for that at the moment”.

This question’s one as old as “What do I do with 1,400 Peasants?”

Gold’s the only currency for which we have a successful infinite sink, unfortunately.



In theory this is working as intended. I believe the devs designed Delves, really in accordance with this vision:

  • Treasure troops are important for Hoard level to help players beat higher level factions.
  • Treasure troops will also work against players trying to get all faction troops to Mythic.

In a sense they don’t expect the average player, and even some dedicated ones, to beat level 500 delves too soon, so these treasures are still worth something in the (Peng)long run.


Hmmm, I wonder how the designing of crypt keepers…

Nimhain: Ok guys, I finished the troop designs for the new faction. It has status effects, true damage, and the legendary can even instakill.

Sirrain: Sounds fun! It will surely be the best faction yet!

Nimhain: The epic can even convert to purple and enchant, but I let Ozball finish it as I am overworked on the secret Wild Plains rework. Hey Oz, how did the rest of the epic come out?

Ozball’s evil twin: Oh, it will be quite wonderful. It will enchant the strongest ally. (Laughs maniacally while stroking handlebar mustache)

I recently just exalted that kingdom and it was not fun…


And by strongest it’ll enchant itself because it has that stupid trait making it “fatter” than all the other troops…

  1. Drop them into upgrade hoard.

  2. Ascend them to mythic.

  3. Admire the sky-blue boarders and feel proud.

  4. Share your joy with others on your defense team.

  5. Lose a lot of defense…

Sing the 12 Days of Christmas 71 times…? :wink:


Alternatively, use them in the retailers’ dream song, “The 365 Days of Christmas,” which we seem to approach closer to every year anyway…


At this points they should make treasure like ingots. 10x for the next


Enter the bonus stage at the end of a level for a chance to win a chaos emerald?