What armor is this?!

¿And his stats?

DeathKnight Armor 100% everything. It’s in the shop for REAL money

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Ah, thx. Nice P2W. :slight_smile:

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No… pay to progress a little bit faster… but it doesn’t get you anything that game-play, patience and perseverance can’t get…


They can put the new armor for diamonds. :smiley:

It is the “help pay for 2.0 and beyond” armor. :wink:


And it doesn’t give you any in-battle power in any way. Not a single stat point or anything. The day they sell an armor that gives you +1 HP everyone is welcome to pull out their P2W pitchforks.

that armour is pay to progress faster. i would not say pay to win for the armour as it only gives you gold, souls, and experience multipliers but does not give you those items themselves directly. The armour does not increase gains from shop purchases to my knowledge.

No whitewashing please. Especially when the usual definition is exactly about selling BiS gear for real money – in this case with the ising that it’s not even available by any other means. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win

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There is no whitewashing here. The armor just lets you get both souls and armor at a faster rate compared to the diamond sets which only allow for one at a 100%. This is not for example a goblin hero class with a 5 mana spell of any color to win game that is paywalled its and additional 50% to gold or souls. There is no broken game left in the wake just people that are willing to pay more doing so to advance faster.


This game has no real competition than progress. Something providing faster progress is what makes you “win”.

And attempts to explain away by mincing words is what we call whitewashing.

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It will probably eventually be available for about 1000 gems.

if it is considering the number of gems for other armours. i would save up and pick it up.

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Think that if you like, but it’s not my view… Faster is not the same as better, ultimately… It’s extremely mild in the p2w stakes, compared to what could be done - in this FREE game. You can be down and cynical about it, you’re welcome to the opinion. But it’s just that - opinion. Cheers


The base and simplest example of P2W is a gun that gives you +5% damage over the base “free” model. This is not that.

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Really? I dont know…

Could be far worse … Exclusive OP Legend troops only available in VIP chests, in game stat boosters (like weapons / armor) for cash only, etc etc …

Some armor that gives marginal improvements over what’s available to everybody else for free is hardly a game changer or real P2W …


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My point exactly… and it’s a marginal improvement in resource gained after battle… so you progress a little quicker… people who don’t buy it need to do a small number of extra battles to get the same result… so pay a bit of cash (and support this FREE game) or play a few more battles (which you presumably enjoy or why are you in the game anyway?)…

…and incremental effect is far less than the gain in resources from being VIP10, so how come that earlier change didn’t attract the same whining about p2w?

Why I like this games “boosters”:

  • One Time Payment for Permanent Armor
  • Permanent VIP levels.
  • All troops obtainable via patience and play.

Why I don’t like other games boosters:

  • Boosters last anywhere from 1 week to a half hour. (And I’m talking resource boosters.)
  • VIP = subscription service or multiple payments for temporary levels.
  • Weekly-Monthly payed troops/cards requiring your wallet to ever possibly have a chance to brush shoulders with giants.

As you can see by this totally legit diagram here, the level of bragging rights is far superior on GoW’s side.


i’ve bought the new armor just because it looks cool. XD