What are your thoughts on the most ideal Home Kingdom?

So I am a level 40 player at the moment and I was wondering what might be the “best” home kingdom to use?

Home Kingdom right now has very little impact on anything, it only doubles the tribute received if you happen to get it from that Kingdom. So until you have enough resources to increase level and Power Level of many kingdoms concentrate on one and set it as your home. Which one exactly - well, you can either choose depending on needed resources (perhaps souls in the beginning, Khetar is the best with regard to that) or depending on which one will be the easiest to get Power Levels - i.e. where you have most troops already.

EDIT: not to be misunderstood. I don’t suggest you invest all your Gold in this one Kingdom, I don’t think it’s worth it. Better level up all your kingdoms to 4-6, then concentrate on your Home one.

Anywhere except Whitehelm. The city is so overcrowded that they’re instituting one-child birthing laws. Also, who wants to live in a city where inquisitors roam the streets?

(In seriousness, since home kingdom barely makes a difference in your personal progression, but does impact what traitstones are available to invaders, the fact that the vast majority of the player base sets Whitehelm for the slight Glory boost has a deleterious effect on the game in aggregate.)


But yeah it won’t matter.

Any response given here or anywhere else are often read as “live in Whitehelm, screw anyone else” regardless of what words are posted.

Zhul’Kari has a bunch of low rarity troops that make it relatively easy to get early power stars in to make it your best tribute anyway, plus you’ll want to level it to 10 first because of the magic bonus. A gold starred Zhul’Kari gives as much glory per tribute as a silver-starred or below Whitehelm anyways. My friend used primarily Dragon’s Claw team in early game and therefore got his Dragon’s Claw to gold star first, so that was his home kingdom (again, beating out Whitehelm in glory tribute anyways).

In my experience, Whitehelm is a bad option super early game because the investment needed to make it the best glory tribute at any given takes away from areas that actually help your early game progression - like making an effective early PvP team and unlocking magic skill bonuses.

Overall, it matters very little, especially if you spread out your kingdom levels early on to maximize your tribute chance, which has a much better cost to benefit ratio of rushing one to level 10 (unless said kingdom gives a worthy skill bonus, like magic, and you can get it done in a few days). Multiple kingdoms giving tribute at the same time give gems, which are much more useful both short and long term than squeezing a few extra glory out of your tributes, as well as gold keys. If you are in a guild, you should be getting “enough” glory to at least unlock the weekly troops with very little effort, even just starting out, and it will be a while before you start mass buying them to stock up on arcanes.


I have no idea what you said there, I mean there were A LOT of big words, but @hundreds you should pick Whitehelm. It’s going to help you out with glory at early game such as you are.

Don’t listen to all the sour haters. It’s the Devs job to make traitstones random, not yours. Tell everyone to piss off and get off your lawn.


Gold tributes would probably help you out early as well, so maybe Khaziel would be a good choice for you.

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Maugrim Woods is where you find the most beastly contenders, we eat the children of whitehelm for breakfast


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