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What are they saying!

Is there a list of what is actually being said while casting? It sounds like Druid is saying kumbaya.

You know, I thought about making a slightly tongue-in-cheek guide for this, but I realized that I would need input from everybody else because there are lots of times when a troop clearly says something, not just grunting, but heck if I can figure out what’s being said!

I know. My wife and I both play and we have fun trying to figure it out. I think we both have different sayings for what is said. Gloom leaf says something that ends in power. Gorgotha is completely unintelligible. I was just wondering if the developers had it written so we can stop laughing at each other and what sayings we are making up.

The Best is Mr. Keeper of Souls…
Rise from the dead my minions !!!

I listened to the sound files in the game folder. Here’s a list of spells I can make sense of:

Atlanta - no one shall escape my arrow
Bombardier - boom!
Brian - cheers
Bultaurus - huzzah!
Dark Maiden - come closer
Dark Master - there is no escape
Dryad - let mother earth replenish your life
Fenrir - haa! fresh meat
Ferit - I will cut you down
Finley - you name it, i’ve got it
Ghirali - hey, check it out
Green seer - from the life of the earth
Hag - hush now
Keeper of souls - rise from the dead my mionins
Keghammer - your head goes on my axe! hahahaha
Luther - lead on
Musketeer - take aim
Orion - I will cut you down
Peasant - get out of here while you still can
Poison master - you will die
Priestess - a knight of good will shield us from harm
Ranger - no hiding from me
Raven - your death will be swift
Revenant - darkness
Rowanne - hmhmhm, take that!
Lady Sapphira - return from the darkness
Scarlett - they will feel my fury
Sparkbringer - oh! is that how to do it
Stargazer - devine strength watch over us
Tau - you are not going to like this
Templar - a holy shield to protect us
Thrall - no, master, no!
Tyri - I’ll be taking this
Warlock - I call upon the shadow flame
Wight - death

Then there’s some that sound like speech, but I can’t understand them. maybe they aren’t supposed to be real words.
This is how they sound to me:

Autumnal Imp: ihanostal
Dark Song: kesdarka
Druid: koonpalak
Gloom Leaf: simalan paw
Lamia: geskvatium
Sunweaver: kongs here name kart yet
Sylvasi: diadoboboka
Treant: myondee


Why is this not in the wiki yet?

Haha, this is great! Nice one @yonizaf!

Here’s the thing though. There are a few of those that I interpret differently. Mostly Green Seer “from the light of the earth” and Priestess “the light of good will protect us from harm.” Perhaps others will hear slightly different things. And I can’t remember which one, I think it might be Lamia, whose text sounds like something very naughty but is unintelligible enough that I’m pretty sure I’m mishearing it…

Don’t they usually say something else too? Like when you get their card or select them for a team (since 1.0.8 they don’t do this anymore, maybe they still do in arena?).

Good job though! I’m not on a computer, so I can’t access those files. That’s another reason that I didn’t make a guide, it would have been a pain to play with each troop just to activate their spell and listen carefully…

I listened to each of those files multiple times, trying to pick up on the exact sound. Of course, I still may have made some mistakes, and any feedback on what others hear is very welcome.

In the case of Priestess, it was rather hard to tell what exactly she is saying. I tried to hear different things, including ‘an act of good’, or ‘the life of good’, and various others, but in the end decided it sounds most like ‘night’, which made little sense to me, so I settled for ‘knight’ which should sound the same. After your comment I listened a few more times, trying to hear ‘light’, but no matter how much I try, I can only hear the sound of N, rather than L. I’m still not sure if I’m right about what she says, but I don’t think it’s ‘light’.

For Green Seer, I also tried to listen a few more times, but here what she says seems much more clear, and I can clearly hear the sharp sound of F in the word ‘life’.

As for the selecting sounds, they exist in the game files, though I’m not sure where (or if) you can hear them in the game. If you’re interested, I can make a list of that too.

Well, perhaps your speakers are better than mine. I do play on iPad after all… I suppose I could try it with headphones next time to see if that makes a difference. And being on iPad, I have no access to those sound files. I’d have to be playing on Steam for that, I think.

Here is what I hear from most characters, although English is not my native language and I might have gotten some wrong. I’ve put @LegendMaker’s take when we disagreed, or when I thought his was better. :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t put in laughters, animal noises, battlecries or made-up languages. I’ve put (?) when I really wasn’t sure I heard it right.
Select - There is no escape!
(LegendMaker: There is my whisky!)
Select - Onwards!
Spell - Behold!
Select - Name your poison, hemlock or mandrake?
Anointed One
Select - My lord commands me to destroy you.
Select - Need a little fire power?
Spell - No one shall escape my arrow.
Select - Let’s do some hunting.
Spell - Right in the sweet spot!
Select - Your soul is mine.
Spell - Boom!
Brian the Lucky
Select - I’m thirsty.
Spell - Cheers!
Dark Maiden
Select - Come join my collection.
Spell - Come closer.
Dark Master
Select - You will pay the ultimate price.
Spell - There is no escape.
Select - I will burn the heart out of you.
Spell - Let Mother Earth replenish your life.
Dwarf Lord
Select - Stay back, they’re all mine!
Dwarven Miner
Select - Don’t touch my treasure.
Select - Ah, nice lute!
Select - I long for an end to this.
(LegendMaker: I long for an incubus.)
Spell - Take me? thee? something-y?
Select - Try to run and you’re dead.
Spell - Ah, fresh meat.
Spell - I will cut you down.
Select - Welcome, good fellow!
Spell - You name it, I’ve got it.
Select - I bought everything by hand. (?)
Spell - Hey, check it out.
Grave Knight
Select - Fear the black within. (?)
Green Seer
Select - Let the planet herself bring you to life.
Spell - From the life of the Earth.
Keeper of Souls
Select - Army of the damned, rise up.
Spell - Rise from the dead, my minions.
Select - Mouahahahaha I’m just too strong!
Spell - Your head goes on my axe ahahahah!
Lady Sapphira
Select - May you feel the icy chill.
Spell - Return from the darkness.
Select - The honor is all mine.
Spell - Lead on.
Spell - Take aim.
Select - I am fear incarnate.
Spell - I will cut you down.
Select - Divine strength, watch over us.
Select - You’re either with us or against us.
Spell - Get out of here while you still can.
Poison Master
Select - Your blood will boil.
Spell - You will die.
Select - Gods, lend us your strength.
Spell - The light of good will shield us from harm.
Select - Try to run and you’re dead.
Spell - No hiding from me.
Select - Into the shadow.
Spell - Your death will be swift.
Select - Blood will flow.
Select - Why wait?
(LegendMaker: I’ll wait.)
Spell - Darkness.
Select - I call the power from the earth below.
Spell - Take that.
Select - Keep sharp, there may be traps everywhere.
Spell - They will feel my fury.
Select - Just let me sing you a song.
Select - Oh, this should be fun.
Spell - Oh, is it how to do it?
Spider Queen
Select - Eternal sleep awaits you.
Star Gazer
Select - Let the light of heaven shines forth.
Spell - Divine strength watch over us.
Select - They’ll feel my fury.
Spell - You’re not going to like this.
Select - The Gods above, I ask you for your power.
Spell - A holy shield to protect us.
Select - I serve only you, master.
Spell - No, master, no!
Select - You didn’t mean it anyway.
Spell - I’ll be taking this.
Vampire Lord
Select - Your blood shall be mine.
Select - Dark spirits guide my power.
(For the longest time, I heard “Goats’ spirits”. Don’t ask.)
Spell - I call upon the shadow flames.
Select - Beware.
Spell - Death.


If you play autumnal imp spell backwards it sounds like
"That’s so nice"


Without actually going back to listen for it, and this is just a guess for Tyri, but I think …‘You didn’t mean it anyway’ might actually be … ‘You didn’t need it anyway’ since she is essentially stealing. (Just makes more sense verbally) ? But I could be wrong?

I’ve also always thought Treant says… (Select) Good-morning and for (Spell) Young Tree? But this is from work at the moment, so I have the right troop for this. There’s some others I’ve always wondered about, but as stated, I’m at work and it’s just not coming to me.

[quote=“BlueDog, post:12, topic:3990, full:true”]
If you play autumnal imp spell backwards it sounds like"That’s so nice"
[/quote]Nice find, though to me it sounds more like “Blood so nice”.

This makes so much more sense.

I’m pretty sure Sekma is saying “I MADE LASAGNA!”