What are the "easy" Challenges?

Somebody asked this and I had no idea what to say… I never stopped to think about that along the way! What would your recommendations be that I could pass along?

(I know the underlying problem is team composition, but one step at a time right lol)

edit: I forgot to include the URL! https://www.reddit.com/r/GemsofWar/comments/5u6rn2/list_of_easiest_challenges/

I may be over simplifying, but the “Easy” challenges are the * (One star) challenges that you unlock while playing the story mode. They are good for low level players to get some play experience and a few extra souls.

I see they are almost asking for the least threatening of the challenges. Is there still a 0 attack fortress gate in Broken Spire?

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I think Scouting Party (First challenge in Divinion Fields) is generally considered the easiest challenge and is usually the one recommended for fast soul farming.