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What are the differences between Gem chests and Event chests?

Other than Event chest being more expensive

Event chests focus more on the troops offered in each week’s event. Gem chests offer higher rarity troops compared to gold and glory chests. And they have a higher probability of giving you a legendary troop.

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Keep in mind that event chests can still spawn traitstones and those traitstones don’t seem to be locked to the weekly kingdom. Only the troops.
(As far as I can tell)

Also, to clarify, Event chests have the same drop rates as gem chests. Gem Chests have much wider variety though.
If you specifically want something in this week’s kingdom, get event chests.
If you just want plenty of new troops and stones, get gem chests (that’s my formula, in the least.)


Awesome, sounds like a formula I will be copying then.

And thank you for your response as well @collectorofgems

50% more price…

On the gain side gem checsts have everything while event content tied to certain kingdom, so you can pick a lot of blue cards from that particular KD, and if you happen to pull a legend you know which will it be. (Yet it takes like 150 keys.)

Yeah I’m of the opinion now that I won’t be buying Event Keys and just use the ones I get for free.

I just bought an event pack, got a psion, 3x sea trolls, a few other epics, and 2x arcane stones

Just bought another one:
2x epic troops
4x arcane stones
1x psion

That’s from a 50-pack, right?

Yes, the 50 packs are what I’ve bought.

Gem chests include everything released thus far.

Event chests include a VERY LIMITED supply of troops - mostly tied to the current kingdom, but with a few other Ultra-Rare troops from related kingdoms.

Gem keys should be used whenever. But save your Event Keys for weeks when you REALLY WANT more copies of a specific legendary / epic / ultra rare and it’s the proper kingdom’s week.

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Excellent point!

Hmmmm, much to consider with all the new content lol.

And we haven’t even started on traitstone farming yet.

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Anything specific? I think I have it all down with that now.