What are the current rules/regulations on bots?


It is pretty oblivious that bots are not aloud in pvp but is it ‘ok’ to use them in tedious things like exploring, treasure hunt, and/or arena?


You can safely assume that any multiplayer game has language in its ToS that prohibits botting, and that running a bot puts your account at risk of being banned.


So our official stance is, if we catch any player using a bot in the game, we will ban their account.


What about unofficial Nim?

Don’t ban me, please.


The unofficial stance is:



Alright, Thank you


If you’re going to bot just write YOU WIN GEMS OF WAR with a Sharpie on your monitor and uninstall the game.

What is the point of botting a game that has a near-infinite progression… just PLAY and ENJOY




Chemical castration for all botters.


That’s assuming there’s anything there to remove in the first place…



@TaliaParks You’re number 10


The Perfect 10