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What are the Best Tier 3 pvp Farming Teams?

Hello everyone, I’m looking for some of the best pvp teams for grinding tier 3 PvP. I usually stay away from it because there are far too many meta try hard teams out there to make it enjoyable doing. I’ve spent a long time trying to create teams that can win quickly and reliably against any team and I feel like what I have come up with is pretty good, but I’m looking for better.

I see a lot of people on the leader boards with incredibly high win loss ratios. What I don’t know is what team they are using and at what speeds they are completing their games.

So I guess my questions are:

  • What clear times are considered good?
  • Does high win rate mean slower games?
  • What teams can accomplish the fastest wins?

I currently am only missing 25 troops and own Zuul. I can probably make most teams but even if I can’t I’d know what to aim for. Maybe what I’m looking for isn’t even possible or realistic in the current state of the game. Also I’d understand if people don’t like sharing their best teams.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

My guess would be, that you’re asking for 2 different things:

  1. teams that are good to counter a specific meta
  2. teams that are generaly good for fast clearing, which players from ladder top 10 - top 50 use, but which doesn’t do well against everything

one of teams from group 2, would be:
fist of zorn

you got 3 empowered converters and webspinner, 2 of converters change gems to skulls, one does mass cleanse
tactic is simple:
cleanse any debuff from your troops, than skull loop them to death, using webspinners web and triplle skull dmg against webbed. this will work vs most of teams, but might have some issuses:

  1. vs summoners -> thieft, orbweaver, anything that can spawn troops when they die/get hit, will slow your webspinner killing spree, and eventualy can lead to your loose (either battle or just tempo)
  2. vs impervious tanks or high resistant tanks, or stone hero’s in front (especialy sentinel, runepriest which will startc with impact+barrier) - those hahave a chance to stop your skull loop, and do a counter, which can get your team useless
  3. teams with GuardianCrown - if they can stand long enough for hero to cast GC, your team is probably losing the fight, enemy will gain barier, life and armor, faster than you can kill him

other teams mights, might include fireblade hero class (dragonguard,sentinel, hierophant) with infernus on board, and some mana /skull converters

as for teams that are good for countering enemy teams -> there are many many options out there, there’s no one good team vs everything, but there are a lot, that can counter specific meta build with almost 100% win rate (it’s almost, because RNG can always make you loose, if you go realy unlucky)


Hmm, I don’t really pay attention to time consumed so can’t comment on that, but I can share array of teams I tend to use regularly (3T choice every time, regardless of what the enemy is, unless revenge battle involved).

General PvP team
Against Moon Rabbit powered teams, Webspinner, or when I feel a need for never dropping the turn
Against double empowered Zuul and Yao Guai teams
When stun is necessary - double Lust, etc - and good against Life & Death (Orbweaver) meta
The best anti-Life&Death team I’ve used (one loss in two months), also good against Whatever troop/Sister Superior/Doomed Scythe/Grave Seer
Best option I’ve found against now annoying Moonsinger/Malcandessa combo


Wow thank you guys for the well thought out posts. Some great teams and information here. I will definitely be implementing these strategies into my game play.

@Sytro I guess I never entertained the idea of not including my hero. It makes sense though if a team dynamic can be much better. You’d lose out on the hero exp but if the trade off is quicker more efficient games it may be worth it.

I currently only have one class with fireblade talent and that’s sunspear. Maybe I’ll try modifying one of my existing teams to take advantage of that.

@Dust_Angel Thank you so much for all the incredible team builds. From what you linked the only thing I can’t make is the last team since I don’t have stormhammer or orpheus. I will be putting all these to the test.

The Moonsinger/Malcandessa combo is actually what I usually use and it does fairly well against most things. It just has an overly annoying amount of RNG to it. Beetrix seems to fail me spectacularly all too often. I’ve been modifying to to include L&D and even truffle/forest troll all seem to give pretty good results.

If you have The Gray King you can make any number of teams that can reliably win most of the time against everything in ranked pvp.

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Team, im using against most of teams:

Drowned Sailor
Daugther of Ice
Zuul Goth
Jar of Eyes (Corsair class, but other classes also can be good).
+2blue, +1 green banner

And it kills most of things quite well (especialy it does quite well against itself…and other zuul teams) It only has problems with team having Orbweaver +LD, but for those cases i use team below:

Dragonguard + LD
Queen Beetrix
Amanitrax banner (+2 brown, +1 green, or +2 green +1 brown, dont remember the colors and i am to lazy do check while posting)

It has quite high win rate against any Orbweaver+LD team. Most of the cases whole team is alive. Other than, quite often hero+beetrix are alive by the end. If not dragonguard wins Life&Death duel with obweaver as he grows in power with every match4. Losing only when RNG decides that i’m screwed:
(Rare situations when such combo happens: i do unintentional skull damage with skulls from sky and lose bless, enemy casts LD, deathmark fires before i’m able to cleanse myself with LD)

These teams are quite good counters, they are also quite fast at killing (especialy if zuul cast creates a nice skull cascade/queen beetrix starts loping- she can kill everything on her own), but on average, both are slower than webspinner team i posted above (which is able to one shot whole enemy team with single skull conversion + some skull cascade going on)


Terrific post. This is really fundamental information, in terms of different approaches for the common defense teams, that is very hard for beginning players to find.

The more widespread this information is, the less whining we have to endure about pvp (which is actually in a pretty good place now).