What about Gearslinger and Sparkhammer?

@Jeto @Kafka @Bramble @OminousGMan
Please confirm that both weapons will be available in soulforge when Adana returns, same as you confirmed
with the Broken Spire weapons from the Broken Spire kingdom pass.
Both kingdoms already have a paid weapon.
Thank you in advance

Spark hammer was in last weeks soulforge.

I got it.

That was Shock Hammer, not Sparkhammer. The question is which weapons from the ongoing Adana kingdom pass are going to get paywalled once the kingdom pass ends. The kingdom pass announcement post avoids the topic entirely this time, which in the past has almost always meant there’s been some change that players would be very unhappy about if it got communicated.


O sorry.

Well in my opinion.

As theres weapons from years ago, that are still paywalled.

Any paywalled weapons should stay paywalled.

As theres no honor or trophy for staying free to pay.
Some people wear it like a badge of honor, and keep mentioning it. It reminds me of people being proud of being on benefits/welfare tbh.

Not fare on people that pay for things, for them to be free later on.

So hopefully they stay paywalled, and if you need a weapon for a kingdom upgrade, eventually there will be one for free during an event. Doom for example.

It’s not about weapons paywalled in the past, it’s about whether Gearslinger and Sparkhammer will get paywalled or not. Gearslinger is the level 50 free track reward, if it gets paywalled end of this week players will want to spend more effort unlocking it.

Sorry i understand you now.

As a free weapon, it should definitely be in soulforge next time.

Your just looking for confirmation from devs i get you.

I dont think theyll be looking over 38 weeks into the future.

But hopefully youll get a response :+1:

In the past the kingdom pass weapons were paid. Iirc Tide’s Lash was not in the soulforge when Nexus was the active event week

I vaguely recall that we were told at the time of Nexus’ debut that Tide’s Lash would vanish behind the paywall once the kingdom pass was complete, that F2P players had to get it from the kingdom pass while it was there or forever miss out.

I dont remember being informed of that beforehand but you are probably right

The difference could be down to nexus being a new kingdom and this one a rework. Likely one of the Vulpacea weapons from that KP will also be unobtainable without cash.

New kingdoms will have the free path weapon paywalled.

Reworked kingdoms will have no new weapon paywalled because there’s already one paywalled weapon.

That’s how I understood it is supposed to work.

Tide’s Lash was free but costs money now.