What a way to start the week!


Losing 4 of my first 6 PvP matches. I run a loop-dependent team and the RNG is just punishing me today. I actually have a better winning percentage in defense than in invade!



Ouch. Despite this, looping teams are making a comeback now that Queen Mab isn’t everywhere.


I’ve been using Templar / Valk / Mercy / Paladin for a couple hundred levels. I keep coming back to it because it has been highly effective for me (albeit slow) and it rakes in a lot of souls in the process.


I’m taking a break from PVP for a couple of weeks and do explore instead. I hope to get Arcane Lights for Orion. The RNG there is also pretty nasty to me.

BTW, I’m currently testing Deep Borer / War / Star Gazer / Banshee.


The funny thing is, right after I posted this, I had a match where my opponent only got two turns and by the time I wiped him out, my Templar had casted enough for all of my team to have armor values in the 80’s. :relieved: