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Whale title for VIPs

As someone who spends money, I nearly cried when the infographic on VIP levels and their costs. Anyway…

VIP 20 should get the title “Whale” and VIP 10 should get the title Dolphin". I tried to think of puns but failed.

Edit: VIP 5 gets the title “Calf”. Thanks to @sls for teaching me a calf is a baby dolphin or whale.

Edit 2: Now as an infographic!

VIP price infographic that'll make you cry







Baby dolphins and whales are calves, so VIP 5: Calf?

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TIL. But yes. Will edit my post.

With titles at 5, 10 and 20, it only makes sense to have something for 15. So what’s between a dolphin and a whale? Can’t be shark because that has another meaning. Captain Ahab, trying to become one with whales?

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Orca. (10 characters)


I’m VIP 12, anyone who has VIP 1+ should get the title of fool. Especially if you have gotten any of those levels after 4.7

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I have many many VIP levels so I would like a free title as well. I mean, I guess it’s not free. Hmm. I’d setting for 20 Mythics of my choosing.

VIP 14 here, almost 15. I love this game so I don’t mind supporting it. Looking forward to reaching VIP 15, not because I want another title, but because of that extra 50% gold bonus so that I can increase my gold donation to benefit my guildies.

Orca or killer whale? I like it. It’s a dolphin but so many thinks it’s a whale.

As someone who had to look up that name (sorry), I am going with the orca idea.

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This is meant to be a silly post. :smiley: I am VIP 9 so wouldn’t qualify for half these titles anyway. I was joking about it in my guild and was told to come here.

level 1 plankton, level 2-9 Sardine, Seal level 10-19, Walrus level 20


Plankton. Beautiful. Done. Post updated.

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VIP 5 - Tuna

Naah… plankton are all those VIP0… VIP1 is just a “small fish” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Stop it. Or you will have to fight me.

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Can VIP 3 be Sardine? Since a bunch buy up to that for the free scouting .

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By popular demand, Sardine has been added as a title request!

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There are lots of different types of whale. Minky whale, sperm whale, blue whale. Pretty sure we can get 20 different titles. I’m assuming that these titles would be selectable in the same way other titles can be used in-game.

Also, what about VIP zero players? Can we have a Cheap Skate title? A skate is a fish :slight_smile:

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I vote Sardine be moved to Vip 2
Vip 0 already has a title… It’s a blank one

Vip 3 becomes Suckerfish since people get it to unlock free scouting.