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Whack-a-warg results sharing spot

I’ve just spent the last few minutes in a strangely satisfying whack-a-warg game, that did in fact end eventually! For the sake of fun, I do encourage you to share your longest Warg games, let the determining factor be the EXP gained at the end of the game. (I know there’s the vip/guild exp bonus, so if someone wants to bother to calculate who killed how many wargs exactly, go for it, I just thought some fun screenshots could be shared).

that was my game:

3exp short :smiley:


Mine was only 325xp, but I did max out a Green Slime!


Care to share what’s your exp multiplier? :slight_smile:

x2.04 but I have Hard difficulty per default, it’s displayed but doesn’t count for pvp, right? When I switch it to normal, 1,95.

Nah, 3 exp to “1337” - just a silly comment on my part. As for the level - I was wondering about that, sadly I didn’t check my exp before that battle, I did not however level up after getting 1334 exp, neither was the bar filled to the brim (it was around 80% filled, visually speaking, and I did level up not long ago), so no idea how much exp per level you need above lvl 1000, but it’s something over 1500, unless you actually get less exp for the warg games than the victory screen shows).

You killed 76 troops.


Eh you beat mine, I killed 62 troops :smiley:
Btw 3 exp short, is that from next level? Because I have a theory only one level can be gained per battle and exp might start being awarded after that point in which case both you and me killed more troops.

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I’ve got 1060 exp with 1.9 exp multi. I leveled up and bar was 99% and the next fight I leveled up again.

Every lvl past 1000 it goes up by 1 battles worth of exp maybe slightly less depending how high your bonus’ are

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I recall someone before saying they leveled up twice in 1 fight and missed out on gaining a mastery point (this is pre-1000). I don’t think there is anything preventing multiple levels, you just happened to finish one fight shy.

The math works out for yours: 62 kills * 9 xp/kill * 1.9 = 1060.2 xp

Heh the 62 troops I counted by doing the opposite math, when you told me a troop kill gives 9 exp. So math has to be right since I used your method and you used your method too :smiley:
Which is the right method I believe :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t the 78 souls say that you killed 78 troops? Am I missing something?

The souls are inflated because of multipliers. Also we can not trust souls further by if the player has a soul maker in the team.

Are they? Is there a 2.6% multiplier to go from 76 to 78?

I use tds so I would get that much souls with 3 tds casts regardless of how many troops I killed.

Helpful - thanks!

My invade team does not have a soul generator. I got 739 XP (x2.65) and 81 souls (x2.5).