Weren't PVP related tasks supposed to be removed from campaigns?

Glory Hound is still in the campaign tasks which is essentially the exact same task as Dominator.

If glory can be obtained from “any battle” then why don’t delves count?

Edit I realized they mentioned “Ranked” pvp. That’s cool, but to players who don’t care for pvp at all, ranked/casual are the exact same thing. Atleast let us auto-play casual pvp.


@jeto in case you haven’t already read the 1,000 of bug reports about the glory campaign tasks. But the OP is correct, PVP is the ONLY way to complete the Glory Task Campaign.

So either the glory campaign is bugged and requires PVP despite the devs intentions to remove PVP tasks
Or… After 3 years… someone can admit that the glory campaign task is bugged and players are supposed to be able to earn glory outside of PVP. Say from daily quests or delves.


I thought the official announcement concerned the “Dominator” task specifically, and that it would no longer be required as the Gold or Silver task (but could still appear as a Bronze task) ?

The continuing overlap between “Dominator” and “Glory Hound” is still insufferable, though.


PVP tasks are still showing up in the Campaign. Should this be moved to a bug report?


Oh look, more glory from “any battle except training” that doesn’t count.


Because technically speaking, “Glory Hound” is not “Dominator”.

Glory as a resource has a fundamental identity crisis.


I hate it too. Also we can’t change task as before. And unlike in the past, now the tasks are divided into 5 parts and it has become more expensive to skip it.