Welcome to all LGoH refugees: quick GoW pointers

Since I was in a similar situation a year back, I thought maybe some of my experiences while transitioning from LGoH to GoW may prove useful to others (even if I’ve been out of touch with LGoH for a year). :crossed_fingers:

First and foremost: while both are match-3 games, they are very different in multitude of aspects, and thus it is advisable not to let the initial constant comparing (graphics quality, lack of diagonal swipes…) get in the way of discovering all that GoW has to offer. GoW is infinitely more casual for those who seek a slower pace, while allowing the competitive crowd to go all out in whichever events they prefer.

Either way, as soon as you’re familiar with GoW’s basics and board, you should probably change your game speed in settings to x4 and try to join an active guild that matches your gameplay style.

GoW is a polar opposite of LGoH in one main aspect that you’re all probably very familiar with (since it’s one of the main reasons players periodically leave LGoH): power creep. Here, you will be able to reliably use troops that were released years ago, be it in specific events or even in your casual daily tasks. I have found this to be an important indicator of how long I will be able to commit to a game, since my past investments are not rendered virtually useless within a few weeks.

If you’re familiar with Sniperweed and Alex at the LGoH forums and are not particularly thrilled at how they treat the playerbase, you may probably want to explore these forums a little before setting your expectations: you will find the GoW moderators’ and devs’ SOP by lurking a little, especially any official news threads. You will then have to decide on your own how much time you wish to invest on potential interactions with them based on your observations, and this will hopefully save you some frustrations due to any misplaced expectations (I became mostly a lurker once a specific dev decided to start deleting comments [Not a Bug] Great Maw + Copycat bug but they also show signs of improving/streamlining their processes when they find something to be suboptimal Changes to bug reporting ). Bottom line: absorb as much as you can so you can decide how much time/effort/resources you can invest to maximize your enjoyment.

You’ll learn the ins and outs through practice, and even though it is tricky to take on bigger opponents until we get a few solid Legendary cards, persistence will get you there sooner or later, and the ride can be super enjoyable: after slightly more than a year of play, I have just crafted Dawnbringer and Zuulgoth, and I am still enjoying the game like I did from the start (possibly a little more, since I have more troops to play around with), so here’s to hoping many of you can find a long-term home in GoW.

Feel free to ask forum-dwellers for advice whenever needed, since you’ll likely find that the community is passionate and helpful!

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What’s LGoH?

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I was gonna ask that. Googling it.

“Legendary: Game of Heroes”.

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I feel like all things LGoH are best left behind and never mentioned again. I’ve never looked back


I am LGoH and so r my mates. Family and best of friends. LGoH brought us together, made us bond and become a family and we wanted nothing else that to carry on our legacy somewhere else. So i came first, figured things a bit, gathered resources, made a guild and here we r :clap:t3::blush::sweat_smile: no matter the struggle of a new beginning we will face it all together and they r worth the trouble … all heavy gamers and super kind hearted ppl … we play hard and we laugh even harder :crazy_face: the guild is already at 13 ppl … opening 1 by 1 each position… they already love Gow and play hard and took it from the dead last position 13k positions upwards :clap:t3: Bronze 3 to gold 3 in 4 days :clap:t3::heart_eyes::raised_hands:t3: I appreciate ur welcoming very much as it was difficult for us to find that the game we loved so much became unplayable :hugs:


@Dragon_Queen join the Black Dragon Court on Discord. I’d say you fit right in, even if just based on the name :kissing_heart:

Oh am not that familiar with discord. I have it and all but, to my shame lol, I’ve no idea how to join a group without a link :joy::sweat_smile: i accept any enlightenment lol and ty :kissing_heart:

We were using it just to announce frenzies and punishers killings and secrets when in Lgoh lol

Read some reviews of this “other” match 3 game. Sounds like a cautionary tale for the GoW devs to not let an update alienate it’s player base in hopes of making the game more lucrative than necessary.


tenor (46)


:rofl: :pray: :vulcan_salute:

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Well, seriously. I got my posts deleted too. We had discussion with the devs about it and this was the result, in a roundabout way:

  • They considered our posts off-topic. (They sort of were.)
  • They do not regret deleting the posts.
  • They explicitly stated in the new bug post policy that off-topic posts would be deleted as policy.

At this point the least disruptive options for the forums are:

  • Accept that this is how the forums work and stop making those kinds of posts.
  • Decide that was the only way to have fun and quit in favor of forums that do let us mock the devs in somebody else’s bug report.

I sort of decided I like the former more than the latter. In the end I cared more about “deletion out of nowhere” than that they were deleted at all. Now it’s policy. Sometimes when you argue, “I didn’t like this, please don’t do it again” the answer’s “no”. You can choose for it to be the hill to die on but I guarantee if you put this issue down and wait a couple of months there’ll be a more popular widespread bug to jeer at.

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Lmao yes we are some of the many refugees. Good to be here and thanks for the pointers. Got to admit I adjusted the animation speed to 3x yesterday but lowered it to 2x today feels a bit more natural. That’s not to say I won’t bump it back up in the future though.

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Agree with everything you said except this: I asked her point blank many times and she wouldn’t commit to a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ (see bug reporting link above) until I had to link to her actually deleting posts while telling people that this wasn’t the place to be ‘snarky’ ( [Fixed] Bounty Hunter Only Giving 1 Trophy, Despite 4.7 Patch Mentioning 2 Trophies - #7 by Kafka )

Deletion out of nowhere was indeed what did it for me: glad that wasn’t enough to make you quit though, for I thoroughly enjoy your contributions.

:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

After many months ‘clean’, one of my current guildmantes decided to check how were things back in LGoH-land: twice bitten now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully you and your mates can get into the GoW rhythm and not fall off the wagon :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:


Very well written. As a former ultra competitive LGOH player myself from the Warbeast family I can totally relate to everything you said. I’m so happy to be done with that game! I hate thinking about the amount of time and money I wasted over there. I’m coming up on my first full year of GoW and couldn’t be happier with how the devs run this game. I got Dawnbringer months ago and am one orb of power away from getting Zuulgoth. I will admit I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the recent updates the game has had lately but other than that it’s been a fun ride. A much more casual experience which is a good thing.


We r also full ex-lgoh overlords guild of heavy players and we couldn’t be more happiers here. When u say WB i know exactly what u mean and knowing their style of playing and rulling the guilds i know exactly why u r happy here … am still doing gvg in lgoh for the sake of my guild but that’s abt it and only bcz i love them lol plus we r here like 8 of us only from my lgoh guild plus very good friends from others … ultimately we r all super happy to be here and enjoying tremendously our gow marathon :heart::crossed_swords::star_struck: