Weekly PvP Event Defense


Wish I could find more 4X Winged Bison defenses in PvP, would make weekly event go by so much faster and easier.

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Or you can use dragons eye/apothecary and transform farm them

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Transforms count as death for PvP?


Yes. It also gives you exp and souls


Yeah, so it’s a not-so-strategic-but-still-important secret that one should have a Dragon’s Eye team that’s bad at doing damage laying around. Making 20+ event points happen in a game’s pretty easy when you have lots of good ways to make mana and zero good ways to use them to cause damage.

Hm, Winged Bison, I had no clue. I have 3x Drake Rider and Jar of Eyes as def.

But the Bison only has a 40% chance. Isn’t that boring to stall until they succeed?