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Weekly events with monocolored Cards

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected, that we get some monocolor cards in the weekly events. We had plenty of 2-color cards last weeks/mounth.

We’ve had some in the past before, like the Imps.
Spring Imp should be out fairly soon. In all likelihood it will be a mono-green card.

They initially intended for only commons to have a single color. Then the expanded it to Primal and then to hero classes.

A while back @Sirrian said we’d get lots of consecutive troop weeks (which we have done) because the game needs more Commons and Ultra-Rares. Seen some new Ultra-Rares but no new Commons yet but if and when they come we’ll see more monocoloured Cards.

The issue is that Commons are quite difficult to work with at the moment. Firstly, they tend to be relatively unappealing most of the time, due to needing to be balanced around being a Common. Secondly, despite this, we need a ton of them for the ascension process.

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If the lowest glory has been 200 for a non-common possible non-rare what would the glory be for a common? Would it be 100 or so and have like virtually nothing else in it? That is basically four glory souls reward or 3ish map purchases.

Another option is for the common event pack to cost the usual glory amount - but contain more than one common. We do need a lot of them after all.


make it cost 200 glory contain 6 of the troop.