[Weekly Event] Let's help each other out


This week’s mission event asks us to hunt Undead.
For those of us who don’t care about Ranking, let’s help each other out!
I’m setting my Defense to all Undead. Have fun all ~


Done deal. Cheers friends. If you attack me though, I’m attacking back.


I did this before seeing this thread just to bait people into invading me more. Setting a team as 4 of the event gem troop each week is more of a bait than 1 troop. xD


Got an undead or troop that summons undead?


Summoner summons Ghoul which is undead
Corrupt Sorceress has a chance of summoning Remnant which is undead.


Done already so yeah, I’m in.


Enjoy the free loots.


I’m not seeing very many undead teams at my level. Someone is slacking, let’s pick it up people!


Please fight my team in such a way that the last troop can summon please! This team can produce unlimited undead if you let it.


Already done this! I’ll look at adding in an undead summoner if that works out well.


Wondering if this “cooperative side effect for PVP defensive teams variety” was foreseen when creating these “hunting events” or if it was just a fortunate coincidence…
Also, did the devs made a bet or something in the office about this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna try to get the last trait for Death to at least put some slight aura of danger on my defensive team, and not something dull 4 unleveled/untraited undead guys… I will theorycraft something later.


Just use BONE DRAGON. :copyright:


In an attempt to kill 1000 undead, i am exploring ghulvania. Need reds? Well there you go, reds and purples.


Got my 4 Undead defense team hours ago. It’s just not that inviting.


To earn this “events points” explore Ghulvania or Khetar is a great deal.
10 undead in Ghulvania
8 undead in Khetar

I try some explore mode , and find always a minimum of 3 undead troops.

It’s better than pvp to farm this “events points”, or if you find a better way to farm, please share with us :slight_smile:


This event needing to farm Ghulvania or Khetar in explore mode is annoying for late-gamers that value gold over traitstones…

Forcing me to choose between PvP and exploring, and as the event rewards for 1000 snotstones are kinda meh anyway… PvP it is…


Same here. That’s why I posted Undead defense team, to help people like us complete the event points faster as we farm PvP.


Presumably encouraging people to play other game modes was one of the goals of the event system. You have to make a choice, rather than just get more rewards for doing exactly the same thing you were doing before.


But I wants more rewards for doing just the same thing anyway…


Nice call,
as soon as i get tu update i’m in!