Weekly Event: Let it Snow

Let it snow with the Winter Imp! A limited seasonal troop, get it with Glory this week! http://bit.ly/1Iu00fR

Thank you for the update! But I’m just wondering, troops list and weapon list didn’t update for a long time. :frowning:

I’ll look into this for you :slight_smile:

The text implies changes, “By Imperial Decree, we must impart some impressive and impassioned news
of a very important update that may impact (but hopefully not impair) the way you play Gems of War.”

All that is shown is the new imp. It’s fine if that is the only change this week and you were just tossing in imp-words, but I wanted to make sure the post wasn’t cut short and the rest of the update got lost.

Um, yeah - that was just me having fun with the English language… didn’t mean to cause any alarm! Sorry!
No balance or rule changes this week… we’ll save all the fun stuff for 1.0.8

And to answer the question a little higher up… we’ll have the troop & weapons list updated shortly after the new event starts

Okie dokie, looking forward to 1.0.8!

I bet @melkathi’s gonna love that news page, Sirrian. It’s P’impin’! :snowflake:

Thank you, CrowdedWorlds and Sirrian! :smiley:

Thanks @Zelfore. I still find it a little imperfect though. It could definitely be improved

A new weapon appear with this event: Imperial Jewel
But since a long time (1year i think) I wait for the Silent Night in the rewards…
Hope there’s a time we could buy it

As we approach the Holiday season, stay tuned and a wild Silent Night may appear…


Haha, I knew the imp-puns would get you into trouble eventually :slight_smile:

edit: also, sorry to correct you, but the language is called Implish, not English.

I have a problem, when I hit the buttom in the top right to exit the game an error appears and have to close the game through windows

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This is the link you were obviously looking for, cheeky dragon tamer person :imp:

I stand AND have corrected. :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting that leveling bug like last time. Thought you ought to know.

I just trained my Imp to L15 with no problem. It may have been part of the general server craziness that we got hit with 45 minutes ago

Huh, that’s neat. I got a ‘Lost Connection to Server’ notice, then it started working… I got to level 8, 9 gave me the ‘no souls were used’ problem/error message, and now its back to level 4. Never seen that before.

Got to lvl15, seems fine now.

Can someone post his status on level 15? I don’t have souls to level him up so just to know how strong he is.