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Weekly Event: Hey, Coral!

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/hey_coral/

Are we at season 9 yet?

New Troop: Coral Golem

The first Coral Golems were created at the behest of Tellericus, first Wizard of Merlantis, almost 300 years ago. At the time, Merlantis was under siege by Kuotani tribes, massed under the leadership of a powerful Warlord.

Busy shoring up the magical defenses of Merlantis, Tellericus ordered his apprentice, Reephasha, to help by constructing a wall or barrier that would keep their enemies at bay. Ever the overchiever, Reephasha hit upon a plan; she constructed a Golem and then covered it in sharp serrated coral - not only was it attractive to look at, but it was deadly in combat too!

Reephasha created almost 50 of the creatures, and when the day came, and the Kuotani swam towards Merlantis, they were met with a wall of deadly razor-sharp death golems who proceeded to pound them into fish paste.

And Tellericus looked over at his apprentice, nodded, and said “Great Barrier, Reeph”.

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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WOW… i love coral. Pretty life. (and i got #1)

I’ve always wondered…

If Trolls have Troll Regeneration, how come Golems don’t have some kind of type specific trait?

How about Coral Bleaching? Changes some random gems to skulls.

Another new troop with that anti-devour trait, is devour slowly (just slowly) dying due to more troops becoming immune to devour (whether it’s Impervious, Indigestible, or Fortitude)?

Is someone else not caring about the troop or looking forward to another Merlantis week (we have so many kingdoms getting weeks in succession while others get nothing…), but really admiring that lore pun?


Lore pun was pretty solid this week.


I love these Golems, single explosion troops rock, except bombardier… maybe on arena, but deffo subpar

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Man, I got completely sucker-punched that that most excellent pun at the end! lol

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It’s all about the traitstones for me each week… and Swamp is the one I need more than any other ATM. My Draakulis & Euryali will finally get their 3rd traits!:upside_down_face:

Oh, no kidding! I need Swamp really much as well. My Draakulis is also still lacking traits and i believe I needed them for something else on top of that (but the fact that I forgot shows that it can’t have been that important, lol). Guess I will buy 16 packs or something then if I can afford it… I am always out of Glory, ugh.

Yay cool troop. Actually looks worth using :slight_smile:

And doesn’t strike me as fuel for infuriating RNG loops or instakills for the AI :slight_smile:

Yay, great design. And a classic @sirrian story of sublime set-up just for an appalling pun…

Fun anti-dragon troop! Take that, cycling!

It appears that all allies are submerged, regardless of green gems

Nice mythic selection. Crafted Draakulis but really want ketras too but I’m saving event keys for the wild plains event next week in the faint hope I pull Billy bull balls from that.
Opened 50 event keys and got azura to mythic finally and another leviathan. Lots of knight coronet though. This BS really needs to stop.

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Ketras isn’t one of the best Mythics, but he is one of the most fun to play! :yum: :cow:

The 3rd Mythic that uses Swamp is Plague.

For keeping track of this stuff I recommend you bookmark Eika’s post, which they update regularly:

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I’d also add that I’m happy to see a 9th Merlantis troop, now I have all my kingdoms at 5 stars again. :nerd:

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I have so few Mythics that I don’t need a post to keep track of what I need yet, lol.

RNG hates me on Christmas, too… got guild task rewards, had enough gems for 50 VIP chests… no Skadi. Really not needing to keep track of stones needed, haha. Heck, didn’t even get any of the epics I want. I don’t even know. I really wanted Skadi, she’s the first Mythic who would really fit in one of the teams I use a lot.

Also 500 snotgems in PVP ugggggh. That’s 500 more PVP enemies than I like to fight. I hate PVP.
Rough start of the week for me.

Only nice thing is that I had enough souls saved to get my last kingdom to five stars and Merlantis now as well thanks to the new troop. So I have officially everything at five stars. Next step is leveling any missed troop (or troop who ascended in the last two months and didn’t get leveled to max) and then it’s finally saving up souls for the forge.

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