Weekly Event: Back to the Future


See through time this week with the Sands of Time, and also grab the returning Bullroarer! >> http://bit.ly/1WVZoYC


The end of days is here. Hobgoblin in the arena. I have been dreading this update :slight_smile:


Hobgoblin and Druid on the same arena team. :cold_sweat:


Both Ultra-Rares, so thankfully not possible.

But Goblin/Goblin Shaman/Hobgoblin :stuck_out_tongue:


I am kinda new to the game, well lvl 65 but joined 3 weeks ago. I’m missing something regarding the availability of the troops. What does it mean that a specific troop is available in chest? Only this week? I thought all UR and lower troops (or rather all troops) are all available in chest? If that’s not the case, then no wonder i am missing about 3 UR, spider queen being one of them, and hobgoblin.


All troops are available in chests regardless of rarity, except for recent Event Troops. Troops you can buy from the weekly event using glory are not added to chests right away. They get added after a while, so people can enjoy their rewardyness.
So for example Hobgoblin was added to the game as a reward on the 18th of May, today he was also added to chests.
Before that Cthyryzyx had been added as a reward on the 27th of April and to the chests on the 28th of September.
After hobgoblin the Green Seer had been a reward on the 25th of May. So she is the next troop to be added to chests soon.


I need to stop commenting right after waking up. :expressionless:

With Goblin Shaman, you would have to use Soul Blade on the Hero to cover all the mana types. Another option would be Templar, which would allow Sun & Moon or Dream Catcher. The last option would be Dryad, which would require Null Sphere.

I would like to see a Banshee thrown into the mix:

Hero(Sheggra’s Heart)
Pride Hunter

Fill the board with reds, and use the extra turns on hobgoblin to maximize the use of the leftover matches.
Continuously silence the enemy Hero as a bonus.