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Webspinner taking Arcane Swamp stones to trait?

Is Webspinner supposed to take Arcane Swamp Stones or Arcane Venom Stones? I figured it should be Venom Stones.

Takes 16 Swamp stones.

I see. Thanks!

You’re welcome, here is a very useful listing of what Arcanes every troop needs @Eika drew it up.

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Webspinners 3rd trait really changes how the troop plays. It also makes Impervious so much more annoying!

The stones will always match the mana colors. Even if there may be a stone that’s name fits the mechanic better.

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Thanks! We could really use a guide compilation cause it seems like a lot of this stuff is buried.

@Frost in the top right of the main window there is a drop down menu that you can choose what topic to show on the page. There is a “Community Guide” section. Shows you all the guides created.

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