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Webcomics you read/follow

This is a thread to share/suggest webcomics. I’ll start with what would surely be interesting to some members of the community.

http://www.lackadaisycats.com/index.php for @Ashasekayi and @Maxx. All characters are cats, if that’s not enough to make you both run to check it i must say the art is splendid with a lot of attention to all details.

Also http://thegamercat.com is good with a more silly/cute appeal.

http://tabletitans.com/comic/mines-of-madness-page-1 @Arcemius, @Ozball, @Lyrian and @Sheba might be interested in this one. Binwin’s minions is also fun and you can check it in the same link.


While I haven’t read it in a while (I haven’t read webcomics in general for a while) here is a suggested list of mine:

Looking For Group
Source of my Avatar, 'nuff said.

Girl Genius
Fun steampunky/sciencey webcomic.


This one is also Medieval Fantasy-D&Dish centered, nice characters and some comments from the readers are also very fun with some good puns. @KYLENATOR001 you could take a look and maybe you’ll like it.

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Order of the Stick
For D&D fans, but not only. (I never played D&D and still love it.) Updates slowly.

Gunnerkrigg Court
Probably the best webcomic I have ever read. Updates three times a week. Hard to place into a genre; it’s part fantasy, part slice of life, part humor, part drama…

Questionable Content
Slice of Life comic, updates Mon-Fri.

Love Not Found
Sci-Fi/Romance comic, updates Mondays and Fridays.

Oglaf (No link because NSFW)
Partially safe, partially NSFW humor comic. Updates Sundays.

I should also mention Girly, which is finished since several years, which is some whacky humor romance comic.


I’ll definitely have to check out lackadaisycats! Thanks for the suggestion @Razzagor. :smile_cat:

Also, I have to agree with Oz that Genius Girl is an awesome comic.


Like @ozball I was going to say LookingForGroup

Does Cyanide and Happiness count?

I know it’s manga, but people should read Gantz so I can have people to talk to about it. (Pictured, the movie on Netflix.)



Lots of good recs that I read have already been posted, but I’ll add:

Strong Female Protagonist - SFP follows the adventures of a young middle-class American with super-strength, invincibility and an overwhelming sense of social injustice.

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Thanks for thegamercat webcomic @Razzagor. I’ve been liking it so far.:grin:



beautiful art and really nice world!


Thanks for the suggestions @Razzagor. So far loving gamercat and I’m going to check out lackadaisycats when I have a bit more time.

Apart from The Walking Dead it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve read a comic.


I found the bit that both @ozball and @sheba will like…