Webcomics an idea

Hello everybody,

I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I love it, but I think the potential should be used by the development team in more creative ways.

A long time ago, I played a game name´s Urban rivals, the game its not important, but like GOW they had a lot of characters, and they used them to create comics stories, the characters from the game were also heroes and villain’s on this stories. and the impact of the game grown a lot. and guess ? they still there…

GOW already have stories about the kingdoms and some characters, using creativity and focus team its possible to create a huge and great plot, and develop the game beyond the borders already created.

I already ask the GOW team by the idea to create merchandising to expand the game, the answer was “they love the idea but with this world conjecture its hard to do that”. This is more easily manageable…

I don’t know, just an idea, what you think ?

The writing of the campaign stories is mostly awful (and when the “hero” part of the dialogue became more and more hollow, as it was mostly used as a “next” button, it got worse), and as far as I know, all of the artwork is done externally.

I would not mind reading this as a fan project, if they allow someone to use the characters, but I would put almost no trust into it, if it was made by Infinity themselves. Which they would not do anyhow, as the monetisation potential is too low.

This is not 2007 anymore. Puzzle Quest is dead.

And by the way,

Hearing those two statements combined sounds… unusual.