Weavergate, Hawthorngate, upcoming Ghulvaniagate?

@Jeto @Kafka
I want to give you the chance to answer here clearly about The Gemini release:
Will it be the only mythic troop to get from event chests from May 6th to May 8th?
Means will Draakulis and The Gray King not be available from event chests in these three days?
If you don’t think it is worth to answer beforehand, i will better adress already someone else here as a precaution:
@Fourdottwoone pls get your “Consumer Alert” ready.


They probably have not fixed it yet so I would not try to get other mythics during the exclusive period.

pls answer before. @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan @Nimhain

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This has been answered by Kafka in the past.


Most players don’t visit the forum, they rely on in-game ads and help pages instead. Last time the in-game ads and help pages explicitly said that the Mythic would **NOT** be exclusive to Event Chests. Kafka refused to comment and entirely disappeared from the forum for several weeks when this was pointed out, so the answer above is at best unreliable.

To the point:

1.) Will your in-game ads properly reflect the big jackpot within your loot boxes? The last time your in-game ads claimed the new Mythic would not be exclusive to Event Chests, and continued to do so even after Kafka’s statement.
2.) Will your official loot box rules linked to from the chest purchase/opening screen properly describe which Mythic can be found? It currently directly contradicts Kafka’s statement and is considered the single point of truth.
3.) What is the refund procedure for players buying your loot boxes based on your in-game ads and official loot box rules, when these grossly misrepresent what the loot boxes actually contain?

My personal advice would be to get this escalated to the powers in charge and cleared up ASAP. You can decide on whichever loot box rules you want, but you need to correctly communicate those to customers spending money. Right now Infinity Plus Two appears to be dead set on engineering the next very major and truly deserved shit storm that could easily be prevented.


An eerily aloof tone from the new mod indeed, reminiscent of the tone used by old mods during Weavergate: thus seemingly ignoring the importance of getting ahead of this with utmost clarity both in their response here in the forums, and in-game.
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I feel like this needs to be put to the top to remind everyone that this Friday, the only mythic in the event chest will be The Gemini

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.