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Weapon masteries required meaning (Black manacles) for explore team

Hello, I’m new and I don’t know what means that word in black manacles:

Masteries required: x40 Magic/earth Progres 12/12

Have princess Elspeth and I want a fast explore team so need this weapon.


When you level up you get to choose between 2 colour masteries. You need to have 40 brown and 40 purple to get Black Manacles.


Lol my masteries are lvl 10 only. I will try valk rowanne siren siren for explore but Idk what is needed so rowanne does so many damage that I see on videos.

You need to get your armor kingdoms to level 10. For every armor kingdom you get to level 10 you get 1 extra armor for all your troops.

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Don’t listen to that guy, whilst the info given is true, you want to focus on the magic kingdoms first and foremost. The more powerful your spells, the faster everything goes.


How many magic kingdome are? I have karakoth, zhulkari, blighted lands and darkstone ay lvl 10.

Silverglade as well @Al-ucard.

I was just answering his question on how he can get his Rowanne to do more damage.

@Al-ucard The best kingdoms to get to level 10 is magic then attack then life and armor last

Bringing units that buff her armor will be a far simpler solution early on than “just L10 / 5* a bunch of kingdoms”. ;p