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We need innovation

After 6 long years playing Gems of War, I already consider the many friends I have in this community as one big family. However, the game has had its ups and downs and I can’t help but honestly say what I think.

I hope that my words reach someone who is worth listening to and that, who knows, we may have updates with real and profitable improvements in the future.

I think it is important, before anything, to point out that the game has many qualities that attract so many players on so many platforms and servers. These are the strengths that I always like to highlight.

1 - We don’t need to pay to fight

In battles where the game provides the resources for improving the kingdoms, the fights are endless (Explore and PvP). It does not have the famous “energies”, that once finished, you have to wait for them to recover with time or pay for them (common in many games). The player who wants (and has time) to invest in his account, can play all day and this is perfect!

Sigils free at other events are enough for a group of friends to create a strong casual guild. And of course, those who like to score more can always buy more Sigils at the store for these events.

2 - A game of fast battles.

No mess. The player strengthens his teams by raising the power of the kingdoms, but when it is time for battles, a good team resolves things quickly. The game offers troops for different teams with the most varied strategies and in the hands of experienced players, the fun consists of battles that take a few seconds. In the most advanced battles, in Delves and events, hardly a match lasts more than two minutes!

3 - Multiplatform

There are not many games that we can point out to be admired on PC, Android and IOS (Mobile), PS4 / 5, X-Box One and Series X, besides the Nintendo Switch. I must say that the game only reached all these places with the approval of most players. And every day, more join the ranks of heroes. Gems of War is a game that has already marked a generation of players around the world!

4 - Complex to improve, simple to understand

Gems of War has 3 enhancement systems:

  • Kingdoms (level and power of stars);

  • Troops (rarity, level, traits and medals);

  • And the hero (level, weapons and classes).

And although, as a whole, it is a very complex system, it is something that with a few months of play, you can easily understand everything.

And unfortunately, like any game that has been on the market for years, not everything is flowers. Gems of War has had many ups and downs and in general, the quality of the game has greatly increased since its birth. However, some simple factors, others not so much, drastically affect in-game fun. I’ve seen dozens of veteran players I met drop out of the game and I understand the reasons for each.

I will list some elements that disappoint me a lot in the game.

1 - The HONORS system

The idea of ​​honors in the game is great, however, its execution is horrible.

Within the game this system is extremely poorly explained, players are not motivated to send honors (many wonder why they would do so) and many end up forgetting or even caring. For those who have earned the highest level of Honors received, Revered, frustration comes later.

We won an EXCLUSIVE Pet as a reward, but that cannot have its rarity improved. In other words, the PET that should be the most important in the game never leaves the rarity we receive and that is unfortunate.


We have 34 classes in the game, each released in one of the Krystara kingdoms.

Each class, when equipped on the hero, makes him count as a type of troop on the team he is on. However, we have more than one class where the hero counts as the same troop type (Elves and Dwarves, for example) while some troops are not represented in the classes (Elemental, for example).

This LIMITS the possibilities of creating teams and hinders the fun.

Not only this detail, but out of 34 classes, a maximum of half a dozen are useful. And to raise the star power of the kingdoms, players have no choice but to use classes that do not contribute to the potential of the teams!

3 - A game without innovation and repetitive

Unfortunately, this has been the biggest problem in Gems of War for some time.

The game does not bring any event with innovative rules or systems.

Just to mention, RAID BOSS brought a new system when it arrived, with GODSLAYER troops. The same can be said of the INVASION with its SIEGEBREAKER troops. Both still brought a new and exclusive type of enemy. Even the old and not-so-innovative GUILD WARS system has unique rules that stand out.

The CAMPAIGN is just a list of REPEATED tasks from other events, forcing us to do the same thing over and over again.

It is also worth remembering that the DELVES in the Factions bring a set of unique rules for the player to comply and score, something that the Campaign DOES NOT HAVE. The only really attractive thing in the campaign is the story, something that remains to be implemented in several of the ways game.

And of all the changes that the game has had, without a doubt, the WORST OF ALL was the rework done at ARENA. After years accustomed to playing with the HERO, thousands of players were stunned by the news that they would no longer be allowed to use it in that mode. ARENA is the most tedious mode in the game today and I always pay with gems to skip this task in the Campaign, just as I don’t waste my time going in that unfortunate mode.

Is it possible to innovate the battle system and bring innovative and creative game modes to the game? YES, the answer is quite simple, YES! Gems of War is a game with infinite possibilities.

Among the innovations already made in the game, the current EXPLORE is much better than its old version. CHALLENGES also became more attractive, challenging, with better and more interesting rewards.

Why then did ARENA have to get worse than it was before?

The ways that most need rework in my opinion are:

- PvP (after we started winning TROPHIES in all the fights in the game, PvP became a mode without much reason to be played. It is much more worthwhile for the player to spend their free time in Explore lvl12 than in PvP).

- GUILD WARS: As long as it is not a change as done at ARENA, GW could be improved, preferably to facilitate the participation of beginning players, who do not yet have dozens of strong and improved troops. GW is only fun for TOP PLAYERS, unfortunately.

- GUILD: Guild rewards based on donations and member participation would be most welcome. The worst thing about it is seeing a member who joins the guild, does little (or does not do) during the week and gets all the rewards at the end. If each member received rewards according to their participation, everyone would contribute more.

NOTE: To make this process more fair, guilds could count points for weekly activities. For example, members would receive points for each battle won, for participation (scoring) in guild events, for collecting stamps and for donating gold. The guilds would have a weekly prize where the player would receive his prize according to his participation in the events.

- CAMPAIGN: This is definitely the mode that most needs innovation. With nothing that differentiates it from the game modes we have already had in terms of rules and battles, after two campaigns in 20 weeks, I’m dying to miss RAID BOSS and INVASION, which we now only see on weekends.

And finally, please do not create any more game modes WITHOUT THE HERO because I would love to play all the events that the game has, but any event that removes the hero from the team is the same as removing the essence of the game.

Lord Meghatron - Player since December 2001
Leader of the RAPTORS Brasil Guild - Brazilian Gems of War Community.


Very well written summary!
I would like to add one point to this. The game looses diversity in strategies and ways of team building. Skull dmg became so prominent that at the end all the teams fall back to some skull converters and skull damage. Also those troops which give 1-2 all stats per turn become irrelevant. All battles looks similar, use an empowered converter, use some looping troop preferably with skull dmg and you are done. Most battles don’t last 10 rounds.
What I would like to see is magic dmg becoming a relevant thing again, to have the possibility to build different teams and play in different styles.

I agree with you on every word.
I made a brief summary, but we, who have played since the beginning, know that there is much more than that to be reviewed.
I think what we need at this moment is a review of elements of the game itself, which by mistake or by time (with the arrival of new troops) end up more disturbing than helping in the fun.
I think the game is repetitive and lacking in innovation. I remember striking moments like the arrival of Raid Boss and Invasion and I don’t feel half of that impact with the arrival of the Campaign. On the contrary, the Campaign has already become tiring and repetitive in much less time of use.
We need a review of the types of troops, their skills and their effects on battles. I know that the troops that already exist cannot be changed drastically, so new troops that better balance battles and favor strategies are what we need. But we need useful and fun troops, not what we see in the factions, unfortunately.
Let’s hope and hope that the players will be heard and taken into account by the Devs in the future.

If they would simply lower the percentage chance of dropping in skulls during a leaf storm, that would be nice. (Or during any colorful storm, actually.)

Skulls appear so frequently, for PvP grinding I only use a team that has Cedric at the top as cannon fodder, with a class that generates backup characters. Boring.

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