We need a spanish forum!


We need a spanish forum. ANy day can create one? The spanish player need that. Thx. :wink:


Our forums currently are not pushing great numbers - not many people use them.

Adding diversity will break up what bit of activity we have.


Ouch. I cant writte in english. It’s very hard for me.


Use google translator or something, maybe it will help a little.


Ok. Thx for all, people. I go to up mi char to lvl 208. Wiiiii


You are doing good Jorduck! Amazing nick name as well!


You can always start a thread for Spanish players to chat in.


At the time I did, but the message is left behind and do not like having to up the message every day, it is annoying for me and other visitors to the forum.


Perhaps they could PIN a Spanish/Spanish titled thread in the Off Topic forum and see how much use it gets over a couple months.