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We have Justice league and now Goblin league

I know they are buffed for the week but still…

Try to use mab

Yeah, I was thinking more towards GW.

No one says you have to go all one color, try using 2 or 3 and a counter troop, a win is a win. Losing gives less points.

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In that case, he got a couple 4 and 5 matches on the first turn and would have gotten a couple of troops frozen with Mab, but there will be games where you don’t get such a nice starting board and as soon as PF charges, the game is over. It looks fun to use on offense, but there will be a certain percentage of unavoidable losses, too.

This is going to be so meta that we’ll never be able to see if Justice League would ever have been a problem on PC/Mobile.

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But it’s the weekly event, pretty sure it will calm down next week

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OT: Next time take the edit:purple 3-match under the red 5-match and provoke the 5-match on the cascade, not that it would have changed much lol


It’s only a 20% bonus. In this case, it would have just meant that the AI took a few more extra turns to finish them off.


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Can’t wait to see them on console i got a perfect team against them :slight_smile:

And no im not going to share :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol yeah, I did a couple of mistakes, I wanted to show that once the team starts rolling is almost a perfect win for the CPU.

Oh I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything. I know that what is happening is insane and I mean no insult at all. Nothing you could have done would have changed what we saw in your video. It is a problem that is growing larger and larger every week.