We had one Journey event already

Why werent the Devs listening to the Beta testers back then?

Oh??? You presume the devs ever listen to the players? :thinking: :rofl:

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@WWDiver A minor?

Can you elaborate on what the beta testers told the devs about the Journey event?

Not a beta tester so I can’t say for sure, but the feedback is going to be fairly universal (I imagine). Something like this:

Why design an event with massive team restrictions and the requirement to use a particular troop, and then pit us against the worst, most toxic AI teams with higher stats than any other game mode when our only help is the occasional +2 or +4 stat gain, obtained only through RNG and often at a points cost. And the scoring for this same mode penalises players for not playing quickly enough despite tying both hands behind their back and putting them up against opponents that are 10 times stronger, so can’t possibly be killed quickly. AND to make it even worse, the mode requires hours of play due to high requirements. If it was half as long with twice the rewards it would still feel like the most bull :poop: mix of RNG, high stats, and weak troop selection.


Wow your experience of Journey is quite different to mine. Possibly because I’m only aiming to help the guild get all rewards not go for the 20k achievement (couldn’t care less about achievements generally). I like the variety of sometimes tough teams and I blasted through to my target 6k or so easily and actually quite enjoyed the challenge of beating some tough teams up to 10k or so. I can see it could get hairy after that.

Plus the rewards are WAY better than most events, which are generally dominated by (massively devalued since GAPs) orbs. I believe this was directly due to beta tester feedback btw who asked for more useful rewards


I’ve got the 20k and I remember a crimson bat with 900 hp and armor