Ways to mine ingots?


Well, I’m stuck now with powering my kingdoms: I need too many Legendary ingots. 1 full weapon upgrade here, 2 full upgrades there… Where would I find so many ingots? Yes, I got some for reaching Tier 2, but it’s too few. The only way I see now is to press on PvP battles which give you ingots. Mainly the easiest ones to win quickly and surely. Then craft some higher level ingots in Soulforge (but 1 Legendary will require 100,000 Common ingots). Is there another ways? Or will they appear in the version 4.0?

Isn’t it too much to spend precious inglots to level up a kingdom?

Another thing that wasn’t thought out fully. The only other ways to get ingots are in Invasion or Raid shop for Tiers 4 and 5 which is very expensive in terms of gems. Or, and correct me if I’m wrong here; in the weekly weapon that is sold for £.
Otherwise it’s stick to PVP and get loads of commons and rares and maybe once a month see a legedary ingot.
Or save the lower ones and convert them at a ratio no-one can afford.


The best way to get high rarity ingots is coming with 4.0 (hopefully very soontm). It is the delve mini game that you can play every day.