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Ways to mine ingots?

Well, I’m stuck now with powering my kingdoms: I need too many Legendary ingots. 1 full weapon upgrade here, 2 full upgrades there… Where would I find so many ingots? Yes, I got some for reaching Tier 2, but it’s too few. The only way I see now is to press on PvP battles which give you ingots. Mainly the easiest ones to win quickly and surely. Then craft some higher level ingots in Soulforge (but 1 Legendary will require 100,000 Common ingots). Is there another ways? Or will they appear in the version 4.0?

Another thing that wasn’t thought out fully. The only other ways to get ingots are in Invasion or Raid shop for Tiers 4 and 5 which is very expensive in terms of gems. Or, and correct me if I’m wrong here; in the weekly weapon that is sold for £.
Otherwise it’s stick to PVP and get loads of commons and rares and maybe once a month see a legedary ingot.
Or save the lower ones and convert them at a ratio no-one can afford.

The best way to get high rarity ingots is coming with 4.0 (hopefully very soontm). It is the delve mini game that you can play every day.