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Ways to Make Gems of War Better

Great post but my main takeaway is you dont like things that challenge you to move out of your comfort zone such as arena and guild wars. I think the arena rewards are terrible but enjoy the game mode as it forces me to use troops i never use and i can actual lose for once. I hate grind grind grind never lose lego games.

Well thought out/written post otherwise but dont take my arena go burn that treasure hunt instead it doesnt even play the same way as the main game and probably hurts noobs more than it helps and everyone else hates or ignores it

Excuse you? I used to play this mode a lot until it fell under the monetization trap.

Monetization trap? The changes made to arena were ones that most vocal people on here were asking for, like seeing the troops as you selected them when you went through the selection process and changes in rarity selection order.

I assume you are referring to the offers that get generated after each attempt?