Wayfinder removed from chests?

I’ve opened roughly 1k gem chests not finding Jotnar Stormshield. I guess that’s not really bad luck, just what I’ve come to expect. What I didn’t expect was that all those chests didn’t contain a single Wayfinder, which would at least have been useful. Anybody out there who actually got a Wayfinder from gem chests the past few days? Just to make sure Spring Imp didn’t mess with the drop tables?

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We haven’t removed Wayfinder from chests.

Thanks, I’ll blame it on a weird streak of RNG viciousness. Feels better than blaming it on my awful chest looting skills. :flushed:

Yeah RNG can be brutal sometimes; my wife didn’t get a single Knight Coronet until she was over level 500 and had over 280 cards (including multiple Mythics). She finally got one almost a year after it was released but it was very strange. Lol


necro bump

Random oddity. There is a website that lists the probabilities for each chest type for every specific drop (http://gow.mengmeizi.com/Calculator). And for some reason Gem Chests currently show 70 Ultra-Rare instead of 71, so I went through the list and found that Wayfinder isn’t listed. But it is listed in the glory chests.

So either the website has an issue (which seems unlikely as it appears to pull data out of the game files and isn’t human entry), or somehow Wayfinder was never added to gem chests. When I did a search, this post came up which reinforces my assumption.


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I did got some Wayfinders these days and ascended her into Mythic, the only weird thing i saw about the cute foxy was that her picture appeared on the left of my Gold chest’s tab while i was using keys to get Suncrest troops.

Unfortunely i don’t have a screenshot as a proof, but maybe it could be related with the (potential) issue?
I mean, somehow the card info is misplaced on the database and such… Maybe she could be on the list of gold chests but would never drop as there could be limits of rarity on the pool of cards for each chest. Just a theory…


We have a winner! I did a search on that site for all chests containing Wayfinder and it shows in Gold chests with 0% drop chance. So instead of glory and gem, it is flagged for gold and glory, but since it is Ultra the drop chance in gold is 0.


:smiley: I feel so smart now! :laughing:

The server sends information about which troops appear in which chests to the client so the client can know what to rotate in and out in the left-side preview. There is no guarantee that the server “roll” that happens at loot time is connected in any way with the cosmetic data that is sent to the client. Only a dev could answer that.


@Lyya is clearly trying to outshine my “smarts” with all this complicated talk… :wink: :kissing_heart:

But seriously tough, if the troop is really not inside the chests i would like to get JUST three extra copies, because i have only one at Mythic, and all my keys where used today on Sun Crest release.

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This time i got the picture:

Just to update whatever i find that is related to to the possible issue. As is listed on the site you mentioned, Wayfinder is indeed in Glory Chests @Rasper :

None found using Gems Keys from this week’s Guild tasks…

Another update, Wayfinder is also inside Guild Chests:


To properly bump and provide feedback i got a Wayfinder today with Gem Keys @Rasper :


Nice to see this got rectified.

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