Way to earn rewards?

A way to tune down the obsessive amount of RNG… to place an system in that would require an excessive amount of work to yield a SPECIFIC desired result… I don’t want to throw any numbers out… and i don’t want to take money away from the devs with their current RNG key system… but i do believe that hard work should be rewarded… and there’s no way to specifically earn something… I’m currently around lvl 120 right now, and have not gotten sunweaver pulled from a draw once… She’s the first card i’d like to make mythic…

Example of amount of work i had in mind… a full week’s worth of gameplay grinding for 15 Sunweavers, would be worth it for me… she is epic… and we could even progress it further… saying… a full week’s worth of grinding for 40 ultra-rares… 5 legendaries… etc.

Disclaimer:{when i say a full weeks worth of grinding… I’m thinking being extremely efficient for 5-8 hours a day, all week}

Can we open a discussion and pass around some ideas? – This isn’t just limited to cards, what about traitstones too?

I’m not a fan of random grinding either, but your system would be mythic flavor of the week. Whatever the meta happens to be that’s all we would see. I do believe we need a better traitstone sytem, but what you’re suggesting is OP.

Merely my opinion.

So you’re saying… you need to grind more than 40+ hours … in my mind that’s atleast 20 matches an hour… coming to a total of 800 matches or more to earn one full ascension? … please do realise that most casual players only get rank one which is roughly 25 matches, and a little more a week… My suggestion is merely speaking to doing an extreme amount of work for little gain to bypass the RNG system… we have to keep a balance for those that want to pay into the game to speed up their progression, there must be an incentive… and in my prior experience… when i put money into a game I look at the time needed to grind, compared to my hourly salary… ** Can i earn this amount of ingame currency in the time it takes me to earn it at my job?? ** for any game you enjoy thoroughly, you want to support financially, so you support the developers, so they continue to create the content you love.

Apples and Oranges. You’re comparing real world currency with game currency. Time spent compared to real world money gain. Now you’re sounding entitled. Can you substitute time spent in the game towards a bill?

Also, an extreme amount of work and a casual gamer is an oxymoron. A casual gamer would never work hard for anything in a game. They are casual. A hardcore gamer would work hard within the system given.

Moving on, you also stated you’re level 120. You haven’t even touched the surface of the game yet. Enjoy it with the time you have. There’s so many troops in the game you have yet to attain.

Go back and read my post again please…

You’re trying to flame the thread, and throwing out derogatory insults… This thread was opened to hold a civil conversation about the progression of the state of the game, and to (SUGGEST) a gameplay change for those who seek the challenge to work for it. if you intend to flame the thread or my suggestion further, please don’t hesitate to unplug your keyboard first.

Too many valid points or are you that sensitive? I’m merely giving my opinion.

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I’m following the guidelines just fine thank you.

Have you joined a guild?

“we understand that people will disagree on many things, but keep it civil please.”

I’m hoping when we see the Guild rework we see some ways to target specific rewards.

I think more people would feel like contributing, if they knew they were going to reach a specific troop.

Also, the Epics are probably the hardest troops to get to Mythic. Especially the story arc epics, as they do not get offered for purchase. My suggestion if to start saving all the event keys and gems for when the Wild Plains event happens, if you are really committed to her being your first Mythic.

yeah; i was thinking about that Esox Seems to be the only way feasible atm of targeting her, but then i have to wait for the RNG of wild plains to be on the event chest. I just want to be able to pursue a goal in mind, and follow it through.

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I mean i liked the idea of removing green cards from glory keys, and the work required to get legendaries to be less but RNG has always been RNG and the gems handed out from maps, guilds and tributes is more than sufficient enough i think especially from the money side of things and the shop could always do with abit more rework aswell. picking and choosing cards to be focused on to quickly get it mythica i don’t see how they would even inject a system that works that way. i mean i’ve always wanted a better set of legendaries than what i got but the devs making it to where they just hand out legendaries is just to good to be true.

It’s not handing it out, if you have to work for it.

It sort of is considering they get nothing for doing it. YOU are working hard without need or incentive to pay, but THEY get nothing in return. (They don’t have ads implemented in-between every other match, if this idea came to fruition they might want to think about adding in ads.)

Maybe if they were selling souls/gold/glory boosters, then they’d have reason to implement a “buy whatever you want” system, but at the moment it’d just be costing them.

Short of the game becoming less fun in another sense, I can’t imagine a system like this working out without shorting the devs/company.

Here is my suggestion for an idea. Be able to go through all of the cities missions again and get that troop again do that over and over and you can keep getting that true. Also being able to open keys while in a specific city to make all the keys you open draw from that city.


yes… yes… yes…

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This is the part im like oh yeah… i love story mode!

Given the difficulty of getting runic/arcane traitstones, how about any extra go through story mode grants you 1 arcane and two runics of the city colors? (Ie for red/green city, one red runic, one green runic, the arcane that drops there and for blue city two blue. Runics and the arcane that drops there).
We so need another way to get to the rarer traitstones…