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Wars defence bonus suddenly less despite teams the same

Earlier in the week my potential bonus for unique 6 x 4 defence teams was 12,000 points. Today (day 4) it says “current bonus for using 14 different troops 7,000” when there are in fact 16 different troops - and the week has changed to “ potential bonus for using 22 different troops 11,000 “ This was 12,000 earlier in the week.
My 6 teams have not changed.
They all have dedicated troop slots.
I do not have any duplicate troops.
Why have I lost valuable bonus points ?

What is going on?

I changed my pvp defence today. Of the four troops in the pvp lineup, ONE features in my 6 unique teams.
It has a seperate team slot unrelated to my wars slots.

I had the idea of changing my pvp defence to all 4 troops that do NOT feature in my 6 wars teams.
Lo and behold the text has now changed to “current bonus earned for using 16 different troops 8,000 points” and “ Potential bonus points for the week …for using 24 different troops 12,000 points.

This needs looking at urgently !


It says CURRENT.
Because you have already claimed your previous days. What’s said there is the remaining points pool you are eligible for.
As we cannot really see if you’re using duplicates, what teams etc, it’s difficult to find help to your issue more than stating the fundamentals.

EDIT: It has been reported that teams under certain circumstances revert to another team. That might be an issue as well.
EDIT2: It could have been just a visual bug as well. For which day were you to be deprived of 1000 points?

I understand perfectly the difference between current and potential.
If you carefully read my post you will see that the text relating to the points reverted when I changed that one troop in my pvp team - not related to wars in any way. It may just be text related but it seems definitely connected to the presence of the one troop in the pvp defence team.
No team reverted. They were all exactly the same for both the ‘right’ then the ‘wrong’ and then (after changing 1 troop in pvp def) the ‘right’ again text - which proves that there are no duplicates in my six teams. The bonus points text details changed. The teams did not.

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This should be looked at, if this happens to more people.
… By any chance - don’t you know which day was the one less on points that didn’t see 2 unique troops ?

Im having the same issue as the OP on console as well

I’m having the same issue and I KNOW that all my defense teams have no duplicates.

I’m getting the exact same problem. My defence score bonus messages change on a daily basis, sometimes even between battles, when my defence line-ups remain unchanged with 24 unique troops throughout. I’ve sent screenshots to the devs. I suspect it’s a text issue and the right scores are being accrued, but it lacks the visibility to analyse this properly…

I had a problem with unique troops too last week. All my troops were unique but I didn’t get a correct bonus. I tried changing troops, team name, everything and in the end gave up.

This week my unique bonus has been correct. I as far as I remember did nothing different from last week so I can not pinpoint a problem

I had it change on me mid day, then change back later, without restarting the game. Happened once so far this week, and once last week (that I know of, I generally don’t play GW daily). No idea what triggers it, what fixes it, or if it is actually a display issue or not, but I’m not touching the teams that are set for guild wars defense.