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Warlord Build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Warlord?

Warlord is kind of a mediocre class, but it does have the Fire talent tree. So if you are trying to gain class XP for it, I’d recommend:

Warlord with Bronzelock Pistol
Phoenicia (if you have her)
The Maraji Queen

Make sure you have the Firestarter talent from level 20. Maraji starts Phoenicia at 50%, so with Leprechaun blowing up right at the start, Phoenicia is often ready after a turn or two, and can wipe many weaker teams in one shot with a Firestorm active. This team works well for any class with the Fire tree.

If you’ve already got Warlord to 100, Fireblade talent is kind of fun with Infernus and a skull generator of some kind.

Like The Lord of Slaughter came today – not bad doomskull generator.